she, as well as the nation to which it belongs have waited nearly two centuries, so waiting a bit more would not consider it a problem, perhaps a setback, another hurdle in a long road of pain and regret. Kim Teehee, cherokee woman of 51 years old, waits patiently for the House of Representatives of the united States granting representation that ensures the treaty of 1835, signed by then-president Andrew Jackson. The same man who sent the cherokee nation to exile in what is known as the Trail of Tears, where they died during seven months and 1,300 miles more than 4,000 indians of the 10,000 who began the exodus.

Teehee was a fellow who ordered dusty files when, by chance, he stumbled upon a convention of the NINETEENTH century signed between the federal Government and the cherokee nation which guaranteed to this a delegate in the national Congress. A quarter of a century after the discovery, during which time the chief of the cherokee tribe, Chuck Hoskin, was appointed to that position to Teehee, what is on the table are the technical questions of how and when entry is permitted in the House of Representatives to this indian cherokee.


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Decades of political activism on the part of native americans have made it possible for Teehee you see as a possible representative of his people in the Congress of the united States, while at the same time, their presence raises the question of why the cherokee nation does have this right and not other tribes. It is true that this would be the first time in the history of the country which the cherokees have a delegate in Congress. But it is also true that you have to wait for the Camera to articulate the way in which this indian woman takes office. And it seems not easy, for many reasons.

legal Experts cited by u.s. media speculate that the way in which could give you way would be through a law that passed both the House and Senate and the signature of the president. Although it could also be passed every two years, redactándola within the rules of the Chamber and signed by the majority as a special provision.

of course, as the treaty was ratified by the Senate and signed by a president of the united States, the cherokee nation can argue that it is only necessary that the chairman of the House so decided to convert the position into a permanent one.

The cherokee nation currently reside in the territory of Oklahoma and the chief of the tribe, the above-mentioned Chuck Hoskin, knows that patience can bear fruit. His people have waited almost 200 years. but it’s not going to miss the opportunity. Nearly 380,000 people composing the cherokee nation, who elect their own Government , but depend on the money that approves Washington. There comes the role of Teehee. Have, for the first time in history, a delegate in the Capitol, would result in the presentation of their own bills, something which until now rely on the politicians that are sympathetic to your cause.

Hoskin believes that this is the beginning, than to have a delegate in the Congress would help other native americans, even though you can’t ignore the fact that the cherokee nation would defend, in the first place, the rights of his tribe. “I want you to Kim [Teehee] always have your door open to leaders from across the nation of india,” said Hoskin. “Because of that there is also no doubt that the issues that are of concern to the cherokee nation are also issues that affect tribal Governments across the country”.

Both Hoskin as Teehee you know that it takes time. But in nearly two centuries his people have trained a lot of the muscle of patience.


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