The chief psychiatrist of the Ministry of health called the percentage of

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the Chief freelance psychiatrist of the Ministry of health Yevgeny Bryun said that about a third of the population in any population abuse alcohol, but do not go to the doctors.

In his opinion, many of the “quiet alcoholics” die from sudden cardiac arrest, although this could have been avoided with professional help. Alcohol abuse Brune called 50 milliliters of distilled spirits for one month every day. As he explained in the TV channel NTV, after a month of this liver marker will show that the person is abusing.

the Psychiatrist noticed that among users of alcohol, more men than women. He believes that men are all the time looking for novelty and need to change the mental state they more aggravated.

Brun has previously stressed that is drunk over dinner with a glass of wine does not automatically make the person an alcoholic. But this category can be included people who have the desire to drink it and not having a “brake”. The psychiatrist invited the doubters to pass the technician test.

He added that safe for the body dose of alcohol does not exist. According to Brune, the feeling of intoxication is just one of the side effects of alcohol.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the National parent Committee Irina Volynets suggested to push for the treatment of patients with drug addiction and alcoholism. She explained that the chronically dependent people are not themselves able to assess your condition. As a result, there comes degradation of the person and the person becomes dangerous to others.

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