Where auto measure back for years in the Background, and the auto industry in the company of your new mobility seeks role, a recurring event, such as the Concorso d’eleganza on the unique shores of lake Como just right. WLTP-cycle, load times, crash regulations and stock exchange value of the car brands are not interested in here on the edge. Organizer BMW invites you to the most exclusive classic collectors of the world with their unique treasures at the Villa d’Este and the other automotive brands have so much air, that every one of us to the Südüfer of the North Italian mountain lake, comes to three days of the most beautiful vehicles in the world dreams of. It looks amazing, brings his classic and in addition stylish accompaniment at least as skilfully as the brought in vehicle.

parade of antique cars: the Concorso d’eleganza Show in the vintage cars and vanities Fullscreen

BMW Garmisch

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Unfortunately, the lake not only for its small towns, grandiose moods, spectacular villas, but also for its changeable weather. This made the participants of this year a spanner in the bill, because after it had already sensed the Aufttakt to strong, it was on Saturday afternoon, really wet, and the Parade of the most beautiful cars in front of the Villa d’Este was cloudburst and Storm, literally, into the water. The car – like every year, excellently staged – like the big brother of the Concours d’Elegance of Pebble Beach near Monterey, California in August, in different classes. Unique than ever, the presentation in the sun, however, is bathed in the garden of the tradition of Villa d’Este, rich with views of the shimmering blue lake Como from all. Here is a pre-war models such as the beam at the end of Vauxhall 30/98, or the elegant Minerva Type AF, under the theme “Goodbye Roaring Twenties” dream, here, with Rolls-Royce 40/50 Silver Ghost or the super sport cars Mercedes 540 K Cabriolet under the Motto “Fast Forward” to continue. Much more compact so remarkable athletes such as the Maserati A6G / 2000 of 1952 or of the organically-designed Abarth 205 Sport 1100 with a Berlinetta body, or the cute Austin Seven 850 Beach Car of 1960. Who would not make with the small four-seater once a beach trip?

The Video gives a look at the Concorso 20180

Only a few meters further delight in the semi-shade under the Motto “Baby you can drive my dream car” so to see vehicles like a Bizzarini GT Strada 5300, the unique Lamborghini Miura P 400 S, or the comparatively modern Porsche 959 in an unusual red. Most of the attention among the about 50 classics from 100 years of car – and motorcycle history there were, however, on the topic of “Concepts which rocked the motoring world,” where there were unique items like the Vivant 77, the weird Gyro-X, or the future, space ships, such as the Maserati Marzal or the Ferrari to experience the 512 S Modulo. The same theme of play a few steps further, current studies such as the Pininfarina Battista, the classically-inspired Peugeot e-Legend, or the single piece of Bugatti La Voitture Noire, had been made on the Geneva motor show caused a sensation.

Spectacular, but not so well known as many other classics, the concept study of the BMW Garmisch, which had been designed in 1970 by Marcello Gandini for Bertone, and after its unveiling at the Geneva motor show in 1970 without a trace is gone. With the new Coupé, BMW pays tribute to one of the most influential automotive designer of all time, respect. The Garmisch is probably not the most elegant Coupé of its time, and is polarized as many of the Bertone-cars from the ‘ 70s; but as a testimony to a true eye-catcher with many later BMW lines. Already remarkable: the Rolls-Royce Wraith Eagle VIII, which is a tribute to the first crossing of the Atlantic in an airplane of 1919, see.

Concorso d’eleganza di Villa d’este On the carnival of the vanities

On the shores of lake Como, the most remarkable Automobiles in the world meet every year. Nowhere else comes the beauty from the Empire of Karl Benz as close as here.

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