Arnold Odermatt was never a famous Criminologist, he was only Nidwalden simple village policeman in the Swiss Canton of. However, since the 49. Biennale 2001, Venice, or Matt, as the most important police photographer of his time. He photographed neither a Gangster nor a drug Narcos, he documented meticulously his police work in the sixties of the 20th century. Century.

the main officially a photography render the Canton police officer – with a 24-hour on-call service, or Matt. But he took the camera out of my Hand. With the same blend of Aesthetics and preservation of evidence to me that he logged the accident places, he also his family, the club, the village life. An equally tireless as fussy Rapporteur of the fortunes Nidwaldens.

it was Only in the 1990s, discovered Urs or matte boxes, the work of his father in a forgotten Archive. In the book “pile-up” are only gathered pictures from Accident. Each photo tells the story of an accident and is at the same time, a mystery. The suddenness of the accident is in irritating contrast to the images, in which time seems to stand still. The victims of the events, the Automobiles are fatally hit on the side, for the mobility and the acceleration of life has taken an abrupt end.

the S-Bahn and Bus Obscure Two-minute rule makes you, inadvertently, to black driver

Quickly, the cell phone Ticket and remove the same from in the car? The costs in Berlin for 60 Euro for black to. Jakob Wais had to learn that he must wait two minutes on the platform would have.

Gernot Kramper

The ordinariness of the scenes is through the photographic eye Odermatts on a different level. The surrounding area is rural and rural, but the pictures with their geometric design and lines bring the Coolness of the sixties to the sleepy low forest.

The rest of the destruction is dominated by a sinister omission: There are no people and no blood in these compositions. The dramatic moments of rescue or death, the particular a short time before the place, have left no traces.


The book:
Arnold Odermatt: Karambolage
Edited by Urs Odermatt.
English, German, French, English.
Steidl Verlag, Göttingen, 2003.



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