The conflict at lake Zhalanashkol: how the Soviet guards fought with the Chinese

History 23/03/20 Conflict at lake Zhalanashkol: how the Soviet guards fought with the Chinese

as a result of the Sino-Soviet border conflict at lake Zhalanashkol on both sides killed more than 20 people, mostly Chinese soldiers. After the fight the Chinese Kazakhstan border of the USSR and China provocation is no longer acceptable.

Crossed the border at the river

In 1969 on the Soviet-Chinese border, there have been several clashes with the armed Chinese who penetrated to the territory of the USSR. In the spring there was a conflict on Damansky island, the most famous of all such border skirmishes. After a few months there was a provocation on the ledge of Junggar. Finally, in the first half of August 1969, Soviet border guards of the outposts “Mining” and “Zhalanashkol” noticed suspicious activity on the adjacent side – reinforced group of Chinese soldiers congregated near the border. An attempt to clarify the situation taken by the Soviet command of the district of the border, success has not brought the Chinese to this proposal did not react.

the Outpost has resulted in the increased combat readiness, the Soviet border guards on the same day, dug around the perimeter of the necessary engineering facilities, from the flanks of the position were strengthened in two armored personnel carriers with agile group. At dawn the next day, two groups of Chinese troops had violated the border of the Soviet Union at the gates “Zhalanashkol”. If in Soviet history, this conflict is named for the lake located in these places, the Chinese called it the river Terekta flowing into the Kazakh lake Zhalanashkol.

Group of infiltrators with a total population of 15 people have moved into Soviet territory at different distances and after a half an hour after the throw began to dig trenches. The Soviet border guards saw the same action on the Chinese side are preparing another order.dka hundred saboteurs.

the Clash and expulsion

the Soviet border guards had orders first not to open fire. At first, the Chinese people in their native and Russian languages tried to reason – the megaphone asked to depart for good. In response was silence. Soon more than a dozen Chinese moved into Soviet territory in the region of border post “Erecta” and went to the Stone hill, where already dug in one of the groups previously crossed the Soviet border. Sent them two armored personnel carriers across the movement of Chinese-violators are not stopped, those only accelerated.

When the Soviet side sounded a second warning to leave the territory of the USSR, the Chinese opened fire. In response started to shoot and Soviet border guards. The border conflict has entered a decisive phase. During the day, August 13, the Soviet troops tried to recapture the hill of Stone, on which the Chinese were arranged in circular defense. Groups of infiltrators that were already operating on our soil, joined by a few dozen Chinese, who in addition to infantry had anti-tank weapons. On our side, were opposed by units of the two border posts, reinforced by armored personnel carriers. By evening, the height repulsed, and the survivors of the offenders pushed their territory.

the Results of Pogrankondushi

According to official data, the border conflict at lake Zhalanashkol, two Soviet soldiers were killed and 10 were injured. The Chinese lost in killed 19 people, in addition, three offenders two prisoners died of wounds.

In September of the same year, the Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers Alexei Kosygin held talks with his Chinese counterpart Zhou Enlai in which the parties came to the agreement on the avoidance of future such armed border conflicts. Provocations of the Chinese frontier guards on the Soviet-Chinese border, subsequently do not recur.

More than 30 Soviet border guards-participants of the fights near lake Zhalanashkol was awarded orders and medals.

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