The conservation of ponds in the northeastern administrative area will hold under public control residents

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow

the Inhabitants of North-Eastern administrative district of Moscow will be able to monitor the activities for the protection of the five ponds. This was stated by Deputy Chairman of the Moscow Parliament, the Chairman of the Commission of Moscow city Council on municipal economy and housing policy Stepan Orlov.

it is Noted that we are talking about Clear, Kola, Adler No. 1, Lazarevskoye No. 2 and Kapustinskaya ponds.

“this year, work will be carried out under public control residents. The theme of monitoring the progress of works was seriously discussed both from the point of view of residents and municipal deputies, and from the point of view of public organizations”, – said Orlov.

According to him, the proposals have been sent to the public Council of the Park “Yauza”. Orlov also added that the monitoring of the status of water bodies in Moscow will continue.

Previously, control over the Yauza river have increased after falling in the riverbed of sand and clay. Experts have found that on 14 January, with rain and melt water through the tubing into the pond did the sandy-clay rocks. Peculiar smells, the traces of threat for the flora and fauna of substances were identified.

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