Makron has accused Russia of attempts to distort the course of world war II

Photo: TASS/Lukasz Gagulski/EPA

the President of France Emmanuel macron has accused Russia of attempts to revise the history of world war II. About it RIA Novosti informs.

the macron, during a visit to Poland, spoke to students, where he said that Europe needed to build, knowing and protecting the history of fraud on the part of some countries. In his opinion, it is important not to distort historical memory.

“I sometimes see Polish attempts to wipe the 1989 and the story of freedom. See Hungarian deliberate policy to review the whole history of the XX century. See Russia’s approach to re-interpret the Second world war and to blame the Polish people,” – said the French leader.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia has the documents that confirm the negotiations of some countries of Europe from Nazi Germany. In particular, they told about the conspiracy of Poland.

Putin’s Words outraged the poles, who are trying in vain to get reparations for damage caused during the Second world war.

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