The court sent to a psychiatric hospital attacked the house Pamfilova

Photos: the Agency “Moscow”/Igor Ivanko

the Robber, who attacked the house of the head of the CEC of Ella Pamfilova, the verdict of the court sent to a psychiatric hospital because of mental disorder, reports RIA Novosti with reference to the RF IC.

“Ahad Aytkazy sent for compulsory treatment in a medical organization, providing help in stationary conditions of a special type,” – said the official representative of the Investigative Committee of Russia Svetlana Petrenko.

According to her, at the time of the attack, the man suffered from a chronic mental disorder, therefore could not realise public danger of his actions and control them.

Previously, the investigation has completed the investigation into the robbery attack on the house of the head Pamfilova. As examination has shown, Ahad Aytkazy mentally ill, he needs medical treatment.

the Man entered the house Pamfilova in Istra situated near Moscow, having broken with window mosquito net. the attacker struck the mistress of the house at least two shocks with a Taser. The incident occurred on the night of 6 September.

during one of the sessions the defendant has told that has no permanent home and place of work in Russia. On the issue of education he said that he graduated from two high school class.

Aytkazy pleaded guilty and testified about the circumstances of the attack on the head of the CEC. He explained that he chose to attack a random house, which was located near the site of his bed.

the Man said that he arrived in Russia from Kazakhstan a few years ago. According to him, he lost his documents and since then lives in a tent, and the offense went to “find some food”.

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