The CPS advises to watch less news about the coronavirus

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow/Alexander Ivanko

Rospotrebnadzor recommended to watch less news about the coronavirus. This is the website “Arguments and facts” with reference to office.

“If you or your family members concerned and worried about reports in the media, spend less time viewing or listening”, – stated in the message.

Experts said that the latest information on coronavirus, readers should refer to official sources such as the world health organization (who).

the Department also advised the Russians on the isolation to pay attention more to their health: eat right, exercise, keep regular sleep, communicate with family and friends.

When a stressful situation citizens are advised to seek medical or psychological help from professionals. The Department urged not to suppress such as alcohol, tobacco or other substances.

“talk to your past experience of coping with difficult life situations: it is possible that some skills will help you to cope with your emotions in the current situation an outbreak,” – concluded the experts.

Total worldwide, according to who, the number of people infected with coronavirus has already exceeded 750 thousand people, more than 36 thousand died. In Russia recorded 2337 cases, cured 121 people died 17 people.

Five elderly patients with COVID-19 died in Moscow

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