In Palencia (78,800 persons inhabitants) it seems that everyone knows everyone. The palencia greet each other on the street, are recognized in the shops, and rare is the one who does not have any connection with Paul Married, the leader of the PP. The aspiring president of the Government he was born and raised in Spain until the age of 18 headed to Madrid, where he forged his political career.

The officer suffered in April, the worst result of the history of your party (66 mps). But now, it seems, the thing is going to change. The surveys show a growth in votes supported it in a speech more moderate, beard by, to appeal to an electorate unhappy about being away from the center. However, the palencia consulted think that this shift will be fleeting and that Married is still the same. To the satisfaction of many, however.

The park of the living Room, where he Married, learned to ride a bike, welcomes the paseo de Pepe, a 79-year-old. A few meters away, the home and the clinic that he runs the family Married. The old man hesitates between the appreciation toward the leader of the PP —he says that he played tennis with his father— and some ideas of Vox. I should also like to the son of his friend “sets him off more and take things Abascal”. “Something has changed Paul,” he adds. Jaime Ortega, who is 83 years old, to settle under his beret and censorship the youth of the politicians: “We note that you have not gone hungry.”

The green hair of Marta, age 45, revolutionizes while pronounced that the political class is “dumpy”. Marta will not vote. Is of the opinion that Married did not assert the be palencia to “look for the city.” Carmen Noriega, of 60 years, yes believe it. The corruption of the PP distanced himself from the party, of which he was affiliated, but the successor to Rajoy the reconciled. “It is sensible, moderate, valid and of family, and great education”, he recites, even though she attributes the rise of PP to the evil work of the PSOE and not Married. The socialists defeated the popular in Palencia in April, and the three seats of the province were distributed, one each, with the popular and Citizens. However, in the town Hall commands the PP.


The palencia have to say about Paul Married, in images, The PP is still without seats in the Basque country and maintains the Álvarez of Toledo in Catalonia, according to the CIS Wins the PSOE, still the lock

Martha Field, of 22 years, protects against the wind, their notes Right in a folder. The young opposition leader, warns that it is not an expert in politics, but reasons why Married retrieves role and the statement that “he wanted to compete with Vox and could not”. She has convinced this step back. This Sunday will elect the PP and not to Citizens, as in April. In his view, the beard is “to differentiate themselves, only postureo”. Same diagnosis emit Alvaro Martinez and Jaime Garcia, both 21 years old: “The beard has to appear moderate, but the contents have not changed.” Agree that the collapse of Rivera is conducive to the emergence of the PP.

Married observed, as in the high street, the calmer walk of their neighbors. Look at it from a poster pasted to multiple columns, just like Pedro Sanchez. Jose Maria Palar, who is 83 years old, also boasts of friendship with the father of the popular leader. Opens a lot of hands and eyes, without moving his hat, acknowledging that has always voted blue and that just Abascal will make you doubt. Married, that he was not a prophet in his land in April, you can always count on change, with Angeles Alonso, 41-year-old: “I Know his family and I liked it more derechizado… but we are still ready,” exclaims fun.

The unpredictable Spanish politics has caused a lot of jokes to Saray Hernandez because your dog, the playful Luke, is the namesake of the can to the that Albert Rivera has launched to fame. In full 21st birthday, Hernandez is cleared of the ideals of Married and adds that the emergence of Vox and turns as the return of Ana Pastor will make the PP recover voters. Her friend Mary Arroyo, whom the birthday girl points out as “more in favor of PP”, estimated that Married has become a tradition of “right more timid,” before the avalanche of Vox. The young confess, with a smile guilty, they have taken advantage of the special day from Saray to lengthen the bridge and miss the classes of Journalism, where they face tests a lot more simple than Paul Married the next 10-N.


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