Juli Briskman lost her job two years ago, in 2017, as a result of a salute is very disrespectful to the president of the united States, when the caravan of Donald Trump ran his hand while she was riding on a bike. Little friend of the current occupant of the White House, Briskman released his left hand from the handlebar of your bike to lift front of the leader of the free world your middle finger, or make what is popularly known as a comb. This Tuesday, two years after, Briskman was elected Tuesday night for a public office in the county of Loudoun, in the State of Virginia.”Isn’t it a sweet victory?”, is question.


political upheaval: the democrats are done with the cameras of Virginia and claimed the victory in Kentucky

what a Coincidence, a photographer of the agency France Presse that followed the president’s motorcade captured the image of the provocative and insulting finger. As expected, in the era of moments viral in which we live, where no one is free from being exposed to the world by a comment or a photo, Briskman had something more than their 15 minutes of fame. His name and his gesture went around the world. The company I was working for a company attached to the Government, fired so fulminant to Briskman.

In Loudon is located precisely on the golf course a favorite of the president and that he was returning when he fell in with Briskman. The victory of this woman of 52 years old, joined the other democrats in Virginia, which has meant that, for the first time in decades, the State Government is controlled by this party, a hard blow to the political colours of the president.

a single Mother of two teenagers, Briskman celebrated this Wednesday, his victory via Twitter by attaching the famous photo that changed his life. “Isn’t it a sweet victory?”. During the election campaign, Briskman only mentioned his scuffle with the White House if a disciple was akin to his vision of the current political situation.

Briskman defended his gesture then claiming that I was angry with the new president. In a statement to numerous media said that he was frustrated by the president’s attempt to dismantle the health-care system, without having passed to another program, the absence of condemnation toward the white supremacists who killed a young man in Charlottesville, or the end of the DACA program for undocumented immigrants.

The newcomer to politics, has announced his campaign in September of 2018 when you publish an article in the Washington Post that was titled: “The cyclist who taught him the finger at the caravan, Trump wants to enter in politics”. So it has been.


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