The death of Maxim Gorky was a famous writer poisoned

History 15/03/20 the Death of Maxim Gorky was a famous writer poisoned

the Thirties in the Soviet Union were marked by a sharp increase in power of Stalin, accompanied by departure from the principles of world revolution and political repression, in the direction of building a strong state. Against this background, a number of famous cultural figures such as Maxim Gorky who had great authority, both in the country and abroad became deadly.

the Cell for “Petrel” revolution

About how Stalin and his entourage fought with his political opponents is well known. It was more difficult with writers and poets, which had great weight in society, and gained fame the true fighters for the happiness of the working people. The repression against them was not possible for many objective reasons. To allow them to work, as it was impossible, as they clearly understand what is happening in the country, could start to work against the current government. Especially in this respect, annoyed M. A. Gorky. The writer has repeatedly tried to lecture and preach humanism of Lenin and then Stalin. Moreover, the friendship of the writer, with Bukharin, Stalin’s rival in the struggle for power, the latter seemed very dangerous. Feeling conscience of the revolution, A. M. Gorky actively campaigned for the creation of a new party “Union of intellectuals”. With him to lead the new party had figures of culture and science, disillusioned with the Soviet regime. Let that happen no way. Bitter had to disappear, preferably in a natural way. He was necessary to the authorities as icons, but does not live artists. To reduce the activity of the writer it is actually not forcibly released from the country to the Crimea. The letter writer state leaders ceased to answer, and all incoming correspondence is carefully censored.

Strange disease

to Escape from your krymskojabout prison of Bitter was only able in may 1936, when he suddenly became ill with flu, his two granddaughters, who lived in Moscow. However, barely M. A. Gorky arrived in Moscow as of 1 June he came down with the flu, slowly passed in pneumonia and heart failure. At first glance, nothing strange. Climate change and old age of the writer allowed such a scenario. That’s just the writer himself did not believe in the accident of his illness. He believed that his son, who died two years earlier from the same disease, was poisoned. However, M. A. Gorky was transferred to Slides, where more recently treated by V. I. Lenin, and put him just 17 the best of doctors. However, the writer was getting worse and worse, despite the heroic efforts of the luminaries of Soviet medicine. Finally, on 8 June 1936, the doctors reported in the Kremlin that the patient is very bad and it is necessary to come to say good-bye. Slides in to the patient immediately went to Stalin, Molotov and Voroshilov. The doctors, thinking that everything is already decided, left the patient unattended. At this point, looking after Bitter midwife Chertkov, arbitrarily decided to inject the patient a large dose of camphor, to the writer, it became easier and he was able to communicate properly with the guests. In this moment a miracle happened. Bitter is so relieved, he got out of bed. Visitors were amazed when they saw not a dying man, but a very active writer who flatly refused to talk about their health, starting a lively interest in current Affairs. Stalin even had to send for wine to drink for the recovery of the great proletarian writer.


After the guests have left, the health of M. A. Gorky was on the mend. By 16 June, doctors stated that the crisis had passed. But the next day, the writer abruptly became worse. Bitter began to choke, pulse galloping, lips blue. A day later, June 18, 1936, he died. Immediately by order of the Berries were sealed all the rooms in the Hills, and the papers of the writer was thoroughly studied by representatives of the NKVD. M. A. Gorky was cremated and the urn buried in the Kremlin wall. However, the rumours are circulating that the writer was poisoned. The reason for the emergence of such conversations really were. For several years strangely ill and died suddenly many prominent figures of science and culture, openly expressed dissatisfaction with the current government. It is noteworthy that a similar disease as Gorky observed in several members of staff in the Hills, which could have one and the same with the writer food. At the same time, a number of researchers indicates active in these years, the Toxicological laboratory of the NKVD, which also dealt with poisons. Henry Berry is well versed in the pharmaceutical industry was a huge fan of using poisons for operational purposes. Moreover, even when Bitter was in Gorki, in Moscow, spoke openly about his death as actually accomplished fact. It is interesting to note that the Secretary of the Union of writers Yudin said he knew that Bitter is terminally ill and will die soon on may 31, although the writer was ill only June 1. This and many other of circumstantial evidence suggests a malicious poisoning of the writer of poison. However, to say anything for sure is impossible. If the poisoning was, that all the ends neatly cleaned. Witnesses and documents in such cases do not leave, and the body of the writer was cremated eliminating the possibility for re-examination.

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