What are the physical standards to pass the special forces

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Surely you’ve wondered, how many times have tightened and squeezed special forces soldiers – those brave guys that solve the most serious and complex national objective: free the hostages, eliminate the terrorists involved in operations abroad. In Russia, the most famous two of an elite group of spetsnaz FSB “alpha” and “Vympel”. The latter is well known less, as its main purpose – intelligence, counter-intelligence and combat operations outside the country. But the requirements and regulations in special forces is about the same. About them today and we’ll talk.

Standards are the fighters of “alpha”

to Get the elite troops is quite difficult – they are elite. Some physical condition is not enough. To perfect health, age 28 years and height is 175 cm and add a clean reputation and recommendations from someone of the current or former members of the special forces. However, as told in an interview, major-General Valery Kanakas – the current commander of “alpha” — in some cases, exceptions are possible. For example, if the applicant has unique physical abilities, skills or combat experience.

as for the standards themselves (they can be found among the documents on the official website of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation), they at first glance do not seem prohibitive. To catch up, you need 25 times and do push-UPS – 90. A lot, but not super-complicated. Also among the standards for running three kilometers, one hundred meters, the press, jumping up and straddle the bench press bar, and even a power complex consisting of 7 approaches for 15 push-UPS, presses, jumps. Here, in principle, all…

except For one but. To perform all necessary exercises in a row! A three-minute rest provided only after run (3 km+100 m). And each cycle of the power complex should not exceed 40 seconds. Well, the icing on the cake is getting melee it with the instructor after the date of the standard, and another three-minute rest. To defeat the enemy is not required (Yes, this is likely impossible). The main thing in a fight – to actively Express themselves, not forgetting about the defense, i.e., to survive.

they have?

I Wonder what standards the special forces of other countries? In fact, they are very similar, and as we run without interruption. All information is available on the official websites of relevant departments. For example, “Navy seals” of the USA in addition to military subjects pass back and diving at the time – they are marine. Fighters of the Israeli special forces “Siet-13” check on psychological stability and ideology. Candidates for the SAS (UK) experience in “resistance to interrogation” — the ability to endure pain, physical suffering and humiliation.

As you can see, all of their “chips”, but in General, the preparation of any fighter of special forces about the level. So think like a Navy seal will give way to “Alfonso” in combat or on the range, not worth it.

Yaroslav Gorbunov

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