The death of parachutist Love Berlin, that she promised to Stalin

Biography 20/02/20 the Death of parachutist Love Berlin, that she promised Stalin

up To 17 years Love Berlin was an ordinary Soviet girl. She was born in 1915 in Rostov-on-don, and then her family moved to Moscow. The girl grew up sports and went swimming, after school, I went to school at the printing house “Pravda”, worked as a typist.

Activist, member of the Komsomol

His first parachute jump was made in 17 years. He made such an impression that after this she could not think of anything else! After six months, she became an activist of the parachute school, and soon — she has prepared a program instructor, studied the stacking chute, and in the winter began to give lectures for pupils and students, led mug. In 1934 Love Berlin became one of the first girls in the Soviet Union who have made “jumps” when the skydiver opens the parachute immediately, but with delay.

time and time again she risked her life because of the wrong calculation or because of the wind, the girl landed on a collective farm at home, clung slings for the roof of a tall building. In the latter case, its hanging on the wall, barely saved the fire: one of them opened the window and the hook dragged the athlete inside.

glorified jump from glider

At the end of may 1935 at the Moscow festival skydivers Love Berlin was the first girl who jumped from the glider. It was responsible more jump than the jump from the plane. Apart from the glider not to do careless movements must be accurately calculated, and the parachute should open “delay”, when the parachutist will reach the right speed, since the speed of the glider is small. Love perfectly coped with this task.

After 1935 she became interested in high jump: jump from 1,500 m to 3,000 m. the Love has already become a famous athlete, wrote about her newspaper, she had her first girlfriend-parachutist among which was the well-known sportswoman Tamara Ivanova.

Fall in Love with Berlin Ivanovna and with other Soviet athletes traveled to Bucharest for the festival of parachuting. Here, in Bucharest, Soviet paratroopers for the first time demonstrated to the colleagues from Europe protracted group jump, which was attended by six athletes — two girls and four men. All this Love Berlin wrote in his book “notes of a parachutist”. Personal the girl’s life is also in full swing — she quickly jumped marry Michael Shapiro, was fond of music, attended the Opera, went to music school, but could only finish two courses. In 1936 Love Berlin-Shapiro and Tamara Ivanov died while skydiving.

carried away? Or bet?

It happened on March 26 Lyubertsy the airport. The eyewitness of incident, the correspondent of the newspaper “Pravda” Lazar Brontman, wrote that the tragedy foretold nothing.

However, he noted that a few days before that, the girl with sat in the restaurant where he was photographed and this day arrived at the tarmac with a delay of two hours. Parachutists were dressed in warm overalls, each hand on a stopwatch.

Girls were very cheerful, talking animatedly talked to the press. It turned out that Luba Berlin 50 jump, and Tamara — 47. Berlin asked Brontman be sure to specify in the paper that her name now is not Berlin and Berlin-Shapiro — “and the husband is offended.”

meanwhile, the jump was a serious girls wanted to put the record which has already been promised to Stalin himself. After the jump Love was supposed to write about this leader in the email and even asked Brotman to help her in this. The task parachutists were to jump off a 5000 m with a delay and to open parachutes after 80 s of free fall. At the airport was attended by about 20 journalists, heads of aviation instructors and pilots.

Fun parachutists boarded the aircraft; when he ascended, present at the airport tried to see in the sky opened parachutes, but it never came. When one of the planes went to the landing, and the second began to make circles, clearly looking for the fallen parachutists, it became clear that the tragedy occurred.

the Girls were found in a field approximately 400 m from each other. Dome their parachutes were half-opened and she and the other had not had time to pull the ring. Why it happened we can only guess. Perhaps, they argued, who would later open the parachute, and may have sought to overcome the records that set them other athletes. It is known that the parachutist Kamenev opened the parachute at 250 meters from the ground, the athlete Evseev — 200 m, and Evdokimov — 150 m. Someone from journalists then I remembered that Tamara, sitting on a plane, lightly shouted, that would not open canopy to a height of 100 m above the ground.

Examination of the bodies showed that Berlin in the fall was broken all that you can, and Ivanovna — only edges. One of the stopwatches survived and showed “overexposure” at 12, that is almost 800 m.

the Bodies of the girls were put up to bid farewell in the house of the Press the next day. The guard stood aviators and pilots, and to say goodbye to the athletes came a few thousand people. According to Soviet tradition, the bodies of the dead after the rally was cremated.

Maya Novik

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