The death of Yuri Gagarin: how they buried the first cosmonaut

History 09/03/20 the Death of Yuri Gagarin: how they buried the first cosmonaut

At the end of March 1968 on the red Square, the Kremlin wall was buried the urn containing the ashes of Yuri Gagarin. Eyewitnesses claim that the procedure of burial of the ashes of the first cosmonaut was not comparable with its deification, which in his lifetime have not found its realization.

the Sight of a soldier

These remarkable funeral remember the conscripts who served in the Kremlin regiment. Task they, the military, explained only on the Kremlin square, one of the death of Yuri Gagarin didn’t know – the task was to clear the Red square from outsiders. And after executing the orders to build the line, shoulder to shoulder.

it was cordoned off for days, the soldiers were allowed to leave only defecate, fed with dry rations. The day of the funeral Red square began to fill the thousands who want to say goodbye to Yuri Gagarin. According to eyewitnesses, there was a stampede, the people mourned silently.

the Kremlin cadets saw the procession of cars and carriages with urns containing the ashes of Gagarin and Seregin. Wreaths at the wall carried all who wanted, including foreigners. In the crowd were employees of the KGB. Once one of the onlookers shouted: “Why did the first astronaut died, how you made?”, he was taken away. Committee members then were interested in pictures of the funeral and seized the film.

“It took”

This conspiracy theories the death of Yuri Gagarin still competes with the main cause of death of a test pilot. According to this theory, were buried in the Kremlin wall does not Gagarin. Actually, Yuri is not dead, because a man could not die “so corny”.

the Most common version of the “fate” of the deceased Yuri Gagarin – “vankovska”. According to the predictions of this Bulgarian clairvoyant, Yuri died, and “was taken” (in the sky). Less romantic version of “postcosecha” future Gagarin was limited to psihboliniza – supposedly that’s where he ended his days.

said good-Bye while still alive

the Causes of that tragic flight on MiG-15UTI in March, 1968 discussed so far. But few people know that Yuri Gagarin would die long before him, before the momentous flight into space, he left a will.

In a series of these touching phrases that are addressed to mankind, Yuri found the words for their loved ones, wives. This is a simple wishes of an ordinary man, concerning actions “if that happens”.

Nicholas Syromyatnikov

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