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Salman Raduyev, which Russian citizens learned for the first time in 1992 in connection with the conflict on the Abkhaz border, was one of the most notorious fighters of the 90s. However, in the Soviet period this responsible Komsomolets gave no a future terrorist.

nicknamed “the Titanic”

Salman Raduyev, one of the most famous terrorists and the beginning of the first Chechen, the second Chechen war – General “of the Army of Dzhokhar Dudaev”, organizer of a number of high-profile terrorist acts on the territory of the Russian Federation, participant of numerous robberies of trains. According to the environment you know how to play the audience, was proud, cruel, domineering, energetic, ambitious.

In early March 1996, Raduyev was supposed to die – his UAZ came under fire of the Federal troops. The bullet pierced the bomber’s nose, left eye, exited the skull and killed the guard who was in the back. But he Raduyev survived. It somehow patched Chechen doctors, and then transported to Germany, where the victim has fully regained left side of my face: sculpted a new nose, eyes replaced with glass, and a hole in the skull was closed with titanium. So, for altered Raduyev stuck the nickname “Titanic”.

in November 1996, Raduyev announced its desire to participate in the elections of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria as a candidate for Vice-President assuming the post of the President is a “worthy candidate”. You wanted to turn Chechnya into a second Kuwait: the Republic to plant gardens, decorate fountains, palaces and oil derricks.

After a number of attempts Raduyev led a very secretive way of life, however, despite increased security measures on 13 March 2000, the extremist was detained in Chechnya by Russian special forces, brought to Moscow and placed in jail Lefortovo. He was convicted of terrorism and sentenced to poiznennemy imprisonment. Raduyev died 14 December 2002 in the hospital of the colony “White Swan” as a result of extensive internal bleeding.

a Simple Soviet guy

During the trial, Raduyev repeatedly apologized and said that he was not a bandit, just defended what he loved since childhood. Indeed, childhood and youth Salman Raduyev were no signs of anything criminal.

a future terrorist was Born in 1967 in the Chechen town of Gudermes, his parents belonged to the clans Gordley. He studied at the Gudermes school No. 3 in No. 4, which, by his own admission, he graduated with honors. In school, he joined the ranks of the Komsomol and, according to classmates, was a real Komsomol activist and in addition the head of the atheist mug, for which he often got from his comrades.

After high school you stayed in Gudermes in the spring of 1985 while working as a plasterer in the construction team of gortorg. There he was drafted into the army. In the Armed forces of the USSR Raduyev joined the Communist party, still remaining responsible and disciplined citizen.

After the demobilization of the newly formed Communist is at Komsomol work, occupying one of the positions in the Chechen-Ingush regional Committee of the Komsomol. The first time he regularly participated in the organization of work of the shock construction brigades, accompanied by members of the Komsomol on construction projects in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Volgodonsk, and other important construction projects in various parts of the USSR.

January 10, 1996, giving an interview to the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, Raduyev said that he “got higher economic education, graduate school and almost finished PhD”. However, most likely this information is not true, at least documented it can not be confirmed.

it is known that Raduyev studied at the correspondence Department of the Institute of national economy in Rostov-na-Donu on the specialty “planning of industry”, but, according to some, he never finished because he was expelled from the second year. In the future Raduev entered the Economics faculty of the Khasavyurt branch of the Makhachkala Institute of management, business and law.

Apparently, teachers do not have Raduyev did not happen. After dismissal from the armed forces to the reserve, he was admitted to vocational school №24 of his native city a master gas welding business, but the Komsomol work, not abandoned: he became a member of the Chechen-Ingush Republican Committee of Komsomol.

As the Komsomolets Raduyev has established itself exclusively on the positive side: starting in the army Deputy Secretary of the Komsomol organization of parts, it went from being released from the production of the Secretary of the Komsomol Committee in the vocational school to instructor of one of the divisions in the Republican Committee of Komsomol.

Agile Komsomolets

Friends of Salman Raduyev note one very characteristic feature – the lightness. It is not Patriotic or ideological motives joined the ranks of the Communist party of the Soviet Union. Thanks to the membership card reserve Sergeant was able to break into the trainers of the Chechen-Ingush Republican Committee of Komsomol.

Raduyev was agile and in the years of perestroika, when the authorities allowed the establishment of commercial enterprises in the Komsomol organizations. Raduyev without delay engaged in foreign trade and entered the graduate school of management at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in Varna. There’s also a budding entrepreneur has established several companies. Say, things Raduyev was very good. Apparently to give it weight, he began to say to the correspondent that has higher economic education and a master’s degree.

In 1991, as soon as the newly elected President of Chechnya Dzhokhar Dudayev declared the Republic’s exit from Russia, 25-year-old businessman was discovered in his hometown of Gudermes recruiting office “Presidential berets”. In Chechnya, the recruitment could be done by anyone, would be money. But Raduyev are not just hired soldiers, he had invented a spectacular ritual in which newly-baked “the berets” Prisjägala Dzhokhar Dudayev: the highlanders marched honed step, raised her on the shoulder “Kalash” and in unison chanted the word terrible oaths.

you did not miss the chance to connect with Dudayev. And to secure their presence in the higher echelons of Ichkeria announced yesterday Komsomol functionary, according to the Chairman of the constitutional court of the Chechen Republic of the Ikhwan Gerikhanova, married the daughter of a second cousin of President Dzhokhar Dudayev.


In 1992, the Raduyev was born a son, whom he hastened to call Dzhokhar. According to rumors, supposedly in recognition of Dudayev, Raduyev was appointed prefect of Gudermes district. Now the newly official opened boundless prospects. In his hometown of Raduyev created the Institute of business and law, where all Chechen prefects had to take courses of management.

soon, However, his youth, energy and talent was directed in the wrong direction. Once on the shaky road fighter for independence, Raduyev became one of the most daring terrorists. His fate was sealed.

Taras Repin

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