The defense Ministry opened the section with documents about the capture of Bratislava in April 1945

photo: Ministry of defence

the Russian defense Ministry opened an e-section “mass glory and courage. For the 75th anniversary of Bratislava’s liberation from Nazi occupation,” according to the website “Arguments and facts”.

the Materials in this Chapter represent the declassified documents connected with the capture of the capital of the First Slovak Republic. Visitors will be able to study combat reports from the front, cryptogram, premium sheets and pictures.

In particular, the documents demonstrated the attitude of Czechoslovakia to liberate the city from the Nazis. So, the chief delegate of the Slovak government františek Nemec noted that the Soviet troops committed exceeds all other countries of anti-Hitler coalition. Slovak General Rudolf Viest, according to archival documents, stressed that the Soviet army showed the world an example of fortitude and courage.

Documents also show the atrocities perpetrated by the Nazis in Slovakia in the years of the occupation of the Republic. In addition, archival materials preserved award document showing the courage and heroism shown by the soldiers of the Soviet army.

the Capital of Slovakia was liberated in the course of the Bratislava-Bronowski offensive. The fighting was conducted by the 2nd Ukrainian front under Marshal Rodion Malinovsky. On 1 April 1945, Soviet troops reached the outskirts of Bratislava and in three days completely liberated the city from the Nazi army.

Earlier in the framework of the project “Russia – my story” began the publication of unique materials in the account of the Historical Park in Moscow on the social network Instagram. Released material will be included in the methodological archive, which will be designed to history lessons in schools and universities.

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