The doctor explained why the plane can paralyze a person

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Paralysis of half the face and pain in the ears of the passengers and scuba divers can be caused by changes in pressure. This was stated by Professor Alan hunter of the University of Oregon health and science, informs “the”.

hunter said that once witnessed such a case. With him in the plane flew the passenger, who suddenly appeared symptoms of a stroke.

“the Passenger was a young, healthy man, whose right half of the face fell down. In addition, he could not his brow furrows and close the right eye,” said he.

However, despite the fact that the man had slurred speech, he was conscious, coherently expressed thoughts, which is not typical for stroke.

the Doctor suggested that the decrease in atmospheric pressure in the plane could lead to “increased pressure in the middle ear from a blocked Eustachian tube, which is passed on to the branches of the seventh nerve, passing through the middle ear”.

the Man was given first aid and after 15 minutes began to feel better. After a short time the symptoms disappeared completely.

After this incident, the hunter tried to find the cause of this condition in humans. He found that similar problems appear frequently not only the passengers but also among divers. As it turned out, the doctor watched bell’s palsy.

“Condition occurs during ascent from the bottom of the divers and occasionally during the flight, while traveling on land at a high altitude, after certain operations on the middle ear and in certain structural abnormalities of the middle ear,” – explained the medic.

the Professor said that such a situation may occur in case of decrease of atmospheric pressure. In such times, the pressure in the middle ear increases, which cause neurapraxia, which means closed nerve damage, which at the time violated its conductivity.

hunter said that to get rid of these symptoms is possible after 15-30 minutes with the help of pon to reduce pressure and using oxygen masks. He also said that bell’s palsy is not so dangerous.

However, the Professor warned that the occurrence of such condition may be regular. In such cases there may be special preparations.

it is also Reported that the frequency of occurrence of bell’s palsy is approximately 23 cases per 100 thousand annually.

the Reasons for its occurrence can serve as the pressure drops, and the implications of respiratory diseases, chemotherapy, immune deficiency, pregnancy, traumatic brain injury or hypothermia.

For possible complications of paralysis can be attributed to contracture or Atreyu facial muscles, and also persistent weakness.

Earlier it became known that the doctor Mytishchi city hospital Maxim Borisov during the flight the aircraft was rescued from a stroke a man of 60 years.

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