In Metropolitan areas such as Berlin and Hamburg, the scooters are used everywhere in the City and wait on customers. Since mid-June, electric, you are allowed to Scooter in Germany. However, the pure rental of equipment – but also private persons can get her own Scooter.

Nothing goes without ABE

the most Important requirement for all devices: you need a General operating permit (ABE) for Germany. Devices that do not have this authorization, may not be in the public transport used. The speed of the “legal” Scooter is on pace to be 20 limited. Owners of Old scooters are stupid, your gadgets are practically worthless. Such a device is used, nevertheless, be liable and no insurance for the damage. An accident can ruin the Scooter pilots.

must see even now who wants to buy an electric Scooter. Only a few devices currently have a ABE. However, in the Internet a lot more models are offered. Only those who read the Ads very carefully, you will find the note that this Scooter must not be used in the road network. In a short time for more “legal” E-Scooter will come to market, however, it is expected that they will be more expensive than Internet bargain without admission, the there are already for 300 Euro. The experience in other countries shows that the number of Leihscootern, the private devices far exceeds.

insurance is mandatory E-Scooter Paris strikes back – the short summer of the Scooter-anarchy By Gernot Kramper

When a loaner is the insurance no Problem, that’s why the provider is responsible. A private person must purchase your own liability insurance, similar to a Moped. The private liability insurance covers unlike the E-type of Bike Pedelec up to 25 km/h – no accident damage caused by a Scooter. To consider: liability insurance for injury to persons and damage to the Scooter caused in an accident. The driver is not insured. He should fall over and serious damage to the bear, he will receive neither compensation nor compensation, as long as no third Person has caused the accident. Who overestimated themselves and causes an accident, has a permanent damage is a big Problem. However, this is not a feature of the E-Scooter, a Bicycle, the legal situation is the same. Because of the high accident frequency of the Scooter, the Problem here is urgent. For the E-Scooter no license is required, a minimum age of 14 years applies, however. A helmet is mandatory, there is not. Wearing a helmet is, in our opinion, even more important than the bike because the Leihscooter offer no helmet, are likely to be most of the users without any head protection on the go.

walkways, Parks and pedestrian zones are off-limits

Initially, it was planned that the Scooter in Germany may also be used on sidewalks and in pedestrian zones used. This Plan was overturned by the Federal States. E-scooters are allowed on bike paths and road hazards. It becomes problematic in the case of surfaces, which may actually only use a pedestrian, where the use of bicycles specially was released. This can be, for example, the paths in parks.

Still, you can’t waive in Germany, whether and how municipalities will regulate the use and Parking of the Scooter. In Paris, be now introduced very rigid rules and strict fines, there is also a 20,000 Leihscooter are in use. In principle, it must be expected that individual local authorities could restrict the use of scooters.

No joy on major roads

There is hardly a German town has a functioning network of Bicycle paths, the E-Scooter also frequently on the road. On multi-lane main roads, this is a dubious pleasure. The Ride on bike paths with gravel, without a fixed ceiling is because of the small tires also problematic.

With E-Scooter, it came to accidents in the past frequently. “We know from international studies and data, that the violation potential in the E-Scooter-Ride is very high,” said Christopher Spering of the clinic for accident surgery of the University medical center Göttingen, of the DPA. Often sense, inattention, and over-estimation of the driver were easy to blame. A Scooter type has addition to handicaps.

The Scooter of BMW, the attempt demonstrates to build a “safe” Roller and also shows the problem: The X2City is very large and heavy and expensive. All Leihscooter go the other way: you meet the state standards, but also place more value on the compact than on the security.

The Form of limited security

This Scooter have two basic problems: its small tires and the Position of the pilot. Small tires are very sensitive to potholes, Longitudinal cracks and curb edges. Large wheels can handle better, also your Rotation stabilizes the travel of the Bicycle. In principle, the braking distance of a Scooter is significantly longer than with a wheel.

In the case of a sharp braking, the hazard of a fall exists. A Bicycle is built so that the movement of the body generates when the brakes on the Handlebars, a higher contact pressure of the front wheel, and the torso is supported on the arms. Only in the case of a steep slope, it may happen that the cyclist of the vehicle brake is thrown effect over the Handlebars to the front. Because of the different Geometry of a scooter that doesn’t work, the E-scooter.

departure of the flight in case of strong deceleration

The Handlebars of a scooter is almost perpendicular to the tire hub – this design makes the Scooter compact brakes for a safe but sub-optimal. The vertical steering rod, the jerk can not be supported when the brakes on the Handlebars and the tires. The weight of the driver acts to the front of the scooter wants to tip over. Since the body size is far above the handlebars positioned, speeds up the body over the Handlebars away. Experienced pilots can compensate for these effects by the posture of the body. However, the are experienced acrobats – the Tourist on the Leihscooter can’t do this. In case of a crash, the driver is catapulted from the Scooter away – many injuries occur because of the heavy soil of the scooter that contains the batteries, einquetscht the bee or on the body bounces. In the case of a collision with a pedestrian, the Passer-by of the heavy, compact foot Board can be made.

Generally speaking, we can say that All braking manoeuvres, in the case of a Bicycle or motorcycle is difficult, the Scooter with his Mini-wheels even more critical – for example, the brakes on an incline in a curve.

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Gernot Kramper


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