Why can’t more be built such cars? This question arises by itself, as soon as we saw the first all-wheel drive Porsche 356. This car combines the elegance of a classic 356 with the virtues of the later rally Porsche. This is a classic Bad-Car-Look how to get him never of a series manufacturer.

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With less than a ton weight of all-wheel drive also remains in the all-terrain agility.

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The Californians Rod Emory was placed Porsche in the cradle, his father the master mechanic was. His grandfather, Neil Emory, a legendary Hot Rod designer. Rod Emory has dedicated his life to the Porsche 356. His bold tags are not for the vintage purist, but over time, the quality and the Look of its “356 Outlaws” by. Rod and his wife Amy have a simple goal: they want to build the hottest 356 on the planet.

All of your creations, confuse the senses, but this model is the coolest of them all. The Name of the new 356 Outlaw is simply “wheel”. For the all-wheel drive, the body of a 356 from the ‘ 60s, was married with the all-wheel drive 911 4S from the 90s and one of Emory Roth, the sports Outlaw-4 engine. Really original little remained of this Operation.

construction on customer’s request

The impetus is said to have given a Porschefan, dreamed of driving a 356 that can take on snow, Sand and scree, sure feet. He wanted a 356 with rally features. To Emory immediately jumped in. The construction should have lasted for four whole years, because of the drive of the 911 had to be cut for the compact 356. The body was given a stronger appearance, it was widened for the track of the 911. Not driven the all-wheel-Outlaw drive a Porsche factory, but from a Roth sport Racing built engine with a displacement of 2.4 litres and 200 HP of power. Is ventilated, the machine, of course, of Weber carburetors.

on top of that, a tailor-made carrier made of titanium was mounted on the roof. It offers space for bikes, Skis, and other important outdoor equipment. The body was cleared and with small Details enhanced. In addition to the rally lights, the carrier created especially for the very own Look. Individual seats, a roll cage and a green carpet to create a distinctive interior. The cabin was lined with green leather and green fabric.

thanks to the weight of only 975 kg with the 200 HP of the engine is likely to turn the wheel in a ground rocket. The price is not known, after all, it is the model of an individual production for a customer.

source: Emory Motorsports


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