He was THE eye-catcher at this year’s MET Gala in New York: Harry Styles, 25, a former singer in the Boyband One Direction, style icon and Ex-boyfriend of Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner. The fashion-savvy darling appeared smooth but with high heels, a black Gucci Jumpsuit with a transparent top and opulent ruffles and a pearl earring on the red carpet.

all (Fans and media) just like this: “Wow, cool! Brave!” And then: “I think he’s gay.” However, this assumption is arg stuffy, Yes, almost provincial.

The Trend is 2019 clearly gender-neutral clothing. And that has to do with sexual orientation, nothing to.

The boundaries are blurred beyond recognition

the MET Gala, which is also referred to as the “Oscars of fashion,” and thus quasi-pretending to be what “the mob” (so we) wears in the morning, there was a blurring of the boundaries between male and female beyond recognition. Everywhere you looked made-up men in High Heels and women in curve laminating said. So it was that not, as usual, Bombshells like Kim Kardashian (yawn!) the biggest stir caused but the lords of creation.

Styles such as the guy who had him clothed: Gucci Designer Alessandro Michele, came out in support. The teetered in a salmon-colored glitter enselmble, crown and Walla-Walla-mane on the red carpet. Since the eye of the “Otto needed Normal,” in fact, a little bit, to be able to make out whether it was a HIM, a SHE, or even BOTH. It is also a lot of cool transsexual Stars on the Who-is-Who include, Yes. Katy Perry had dressed up as the subject, and came as a chandelier.

Nevertheless, Harry Styles of experts was appointed “best dressed man” of the Evening named. US Vogue Boss and hostess Anna Wintour had engaged him even to Co-Host. A Huge Honour. Because of the Good in fashionable ways, of course, was also in a bit of debt. After all, the MET Gala has always been: more is more. You can show up, in principle all you want, someone looks guaranteed to be even more striking than you.

The boys can also use the time to our wardrobe

New to all of this is not. In the Renaissance it was normal, that dazzling men stood in the center. Ludwig XIV and his cronies rejoiced in pantyhose, High Heels, with plenty of güldenem rocks and flowing mane of curls through the castle.

The is now back in: In some Department stores, there are now separate sections for a “genderless shopping experience”. There only parts that can be worn by men as women. Practically, where it is, but as a woman, anyway, happy times in the men’s section of H&M and co. on the go or a casual part borrows from the Boyfriend. In the future, the boys may not be pleased to have in our closet.

Huh? She? Me! Free.

The famous Designer Yohji Yamamoto said in the 80s: “I always wonder who decided that there should be a difference in the clothes of men and women. Perhaps men decided this.”

And fashion is only the beginning: Julia Roberts was just on Instagram for more Unisex toilets. In the case of “Germany’s Next Topmodel” teetered the transsexual Tatiana in the hearts of the audience, guest juror Bill Kaulitz (the maintains already for a long time the androgynous David-Bowie-memory look) wore ankle boots Plateau.

The municipal authorities in Hannover, a gender put their employees appropriate administrative language to the heart. In Sweden, children are educated in the Preschool, more recently, gender-neutral, so that you think less in stereotypes. Parents that what to keep a buy clothes and toys, regardless of sex. Also Meghan Markle wants to pull the “little Archie“ according to a friend with a “fluid approach to gender“ in size. In Denmark, just the first sex has been developed a neutral voice for sat navs, Alexa and co. Celine Dion has brought out a gender-neutral clothing line for babies.

Where to run the still? Director Patrick Wengenroth brought it recently in a theatre project to the point in the title: “Hey? She? Me! Free.”

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