The exhibition will take place in Moscow contest for the best costume in the style of the artist

Photo: TASS/Vyacheslav Prokofiev

the Salvador Dali exhibition, which opens on January 28 in Moscow “Manege”, will be a contest for the best costume in the style of the artist. About this TASS said the Chairman of “the Link of times” Vladimir Voronchenko.

“we will Have a costume contest. I think a lot of people in costumes and images of Salvador Dali and gala. We will have a jury, there will be special days for the competition. Will try to figure out who is the best, and encourage for the best images,” said Voronchenko.

He added that the question of the extension of the exhibition there, as immediately after the 25th of March in “Manezh” other events have been scheduled.

the display will be works from the collections of the Foundation “Gala – Salvador Dali” and the National Museum “Reina Sofia”. Also shown will be works from private European collections.

the exhibition will feature works ranging from the youthful impressionistic landscapes of the 1910-ies to the latest abstract canvases of the 1980s years.

the Largest in Russia exhibition of works of Salvador Dali can arrange multiple structures – the Faberge Museum, cultural-historical Fund “Link of times” and the Foundation “Gala-Salvador Dali”. As part of the exhibition will present 180 of the original works of the master.

In October one of the Dali prints stolen from gallery in San Francisco. To Rob the unknown male demanded about half a minute. During this time, the attacker pulled out the work of the special easel in the window.

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