Golubkina commented on reports about his hospitalization

Photo: TASS/Vyacheslav Prokofiev

Soviet and Russian actress Larisa Golubkina has arrived to Moscow from Germany for treatment in connection with pain in the ankle joint, reports the Agency “Moscow”.

She said that this arrives in the Russian capital for the third time this year.

“I Have “hussar”, arthritic foot near ankle cleared. So I receive medical treatment. That’s all,” explained the artist. She added that summer trying to treat a variety of ways, including injections and massage, the treatment continues.

“the process of healing. Nothing terrible has happened. Scary all in our heads,” concluded another area.

Earlier it was reported that Mexico lost actress Natalia Andreichenko. She’s been out more than a day.

you can Reach the artist can not. On Saturday she was at a friend’s house in Cancun. Leaving home, told about the poor health and fatigue.

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