The expert called aroma oils against viral infection

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Aromatherapist Galina Kolosova said, what oil can help in the prevention of viral infection.

She noted that the healing properties of many types of oils. With regard to the prevention of viral infections, from Kolosova advised to use all the pine oil and eucalyptus, citrus and tea tree.

“tea tree Oil also heals wounds. Lavender oil helps to treat skin diseases, e.g. burns, gives a relaxing effect and affect sleep. Lemon oil is good for improving the metabolism, affects blood vessels, liver, strengthens the immune system. Peppermint oil has a good antibacterial effect,” said Kolosova on radio Sputnik.

Touching upon the issues of the use of Aromasin, it is advised to add five to seven drops in a bath. At the same time, she cautioned against the use of an oil burner, and also noted that adding oil in the bath it is necessary to use an emulsifier in the form of sour cream or heavy cream.

“But with the diffuser we digest all the substances that are in the essential oil. The diffuser should add around 5-7 drops to 17-20 square meters of space,” – said Kolosova.

She added that the oils you use and by application to the skin. However, she called to apply them by adding them to the cream. Kolosov noted that this mixture can be applied on the foot, chest or biologically active points.

she Also urged people to carefully choose the oil and give preference to products tested brands. If oil headache, according to him, it means that you have bought poor quality goods. In addition, it recalled the importance of consultation with a specialist on the subject of the possibility of allergic reactions.

Earlier in the MOE reported that the use of vodka when making homemade antiseptic will not give any disinfecting effect.

Chief specialist of the I dermatovenurologii and cosmetology Department of health Nikolay Potekaev also spoke about the necessity of using antiseptics and washing hands after visiting public places. He also noted that the hydration of the skin that is exposed to dryness due to frequent use of antiseptics, standard tools suffice.

the corresponding Member of RAS Alexander Gorelov noted that only with the invention of a vaccine against the coronavirus appears to be the only effective method of preventing COVID-19. Infectious disease physician Ilya Akinfiev said that a healthy lifestyle, physical activity and adherence of sleep will contribute to the strengthening of immunity, which is important in pandemic coronavirus.

Russia has in recent days recorded 1154 new cases of infection COVID-19. The total number of infected people in Russia amounted to 7497 people.

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