The expert commented on the initiative to introduce law for drivers of drones

Photos: the Agency “Moscow”/Sergey Kiselev

the Operator, who will initially accompany the unmanned vehicle must meet the minimum requirements below in emergency situations is able to “take control”. About this in an interview with Moscow 24 said the head of Department of development of unmanned vehicle Cognitive Technologies Yury Minkin, commenting on the initiative to introduce the right for drivers of Autonomous vehicles.

“It must be right not the drivers normal, but rather the test that needs to test technologies that have high enough qualifications, including as drivers, because can occur conflicts on the roads,” – said the expert.

Sometimes, car rides, travels well, but, for example, ceases to work adequately, then the person needs to be able to make the right decision, to act in the right way. What we need here are professional drivers, it should not be just the drivers who drive from home to work and back.
Yuri Incinsequential of Department of development of unmanned vehicle Cognitive Technologies Yury Minkin

Minkin stressed that in any case the system of unmanned vehicles, created in order to help the driver become a passenger. “That is, the system should be designed so that the driver assistant. It can intervene in the situation so nothing to spoil,” – said the interlocutor of the Moscow 24.

Earlier it was reported that in Russia for drivers of drones plan to introduce a special law.

According to the first bill on Autonomous vehicles, driver-operator will be obliged to have Russian law and the document that confirms the right to management of the vehicle.

In the near future the document will be considered by deputies of the state Duma. It is planned that it is necessary for the admission to public roads drones fifth level – they are able to ride on the track without external intervention depends on theVA.

in addition, the bill specifies that the driver-operator must be Russian law and the document which confirms the right to manage the drone. The vehicle itself must be insured in case of accidents and always protected against break-ins. And the data about the visits, the lawmakers propose a fix with the help of special devices.

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