The expert of The National Interest explained the danger of the Russian


Expert magazine The National Interest Michael peck said that the Russian heavy flamethrower system (TOS) “Sun” are a danger to the United States. The author of the article noted that the battalions, armed with such strike complexes, particularly focused on breakthrough of fortified areas of the enemy.

According to him, a weapon designed to deprive the enemy troops of the cities, bunkers and trenches. “Sun”also has a thermobaric warhead that after the explosion exerts a powerful effect on strengthening. It can be used in order to “clear the way” for equipment.

TOS provide a “complete destruction” of the enemy’s defense “one gulp”. This, in turn, enable the military to begin assault operations. “Sun”, developed in 2001 on the chassis of tank T-72, transfers the edition “Arguments and facts”.

In the US earlier admired “crazy” Russian military machine. Edition The Drive posted a video of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation on the centenary of the troops of radiation, chemical and biological protection (NBC). The video shows the work of reconnaissance and of chemical engineering RKHM-6.

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