The expert predicted the rise of the Russian economy in 2024

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the head of the center for economic research Institute of the new society Vasily Koltashov said that Russia will be among countries, which was the first of a new economic crisis. It is reported IA “NSN”.

According to experts, the plight of the world economy, which is observed today, it is an intense continuation of the turmoil of 2008.

“the Western economy will survive this crisis doubly stronger and hysteria from the coronavirus there will be more and longer, and the depression that followed the collapse, they will be longer. But Russia, China and India will get out of this crisis first,” said Koltashov.

the Specialist explained that the Russian economy to growth will require large-scale construction. First of all we are talking about housing, then – about the necessary infrastructure and transport development. Thus it is necessary to use Russian materials and equipment.

in addition, Vasily Koltashov was named one of the Russian terms of the potential success of a well-formed “higher bureaucracy”, upon which power, which allows the future to emerge from the economic crisis.

Earlier, Russia’s Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said that the country comes the stage of the new economic reality. Thus, according to the official, the government is fully prepared for it. He also noted that the consequences of the spread of coronavirus will be felt in all sectors of the economy.

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