The doctor called the disease, which is often mistaken for allergies

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the Doctor-therapist of the highest category Elizaveta Klimova called disease, which is often mistaken for allergies, reports the website “Arguments and facts”.

“Often under allergic reactions masked the symptoms of other diseases that “turn off” by taking antihistamines, first is useless, second, dangerous,” said Klimova.

the Specialist said that the runny nose and stuffy nose are the main symptoms of allergic and infectious rhinitis. However, allergic rhinitis is usually accompanied by profuse watery nasal discharge, frequent sneezing, itching, redness and watery eyes.

In her words, a dry cough can also indicate allergies and virus, but in the first case, allergic reaction is aggravated by contact with an irritant such as plants, dust, chemicals and other. In infectious disease there are other diseases in the form of ailments and temperature increase.

Klimov stressed that any disease requires surgical treatment, and untreated, the common cold, including cough may lead to pneumonia.

“not all illnesses can pass on their own, without treatment. Most diseases, neglected, or become chronic or lead to serious complications”, – said Klimov.

Earlier, the allergist-immunologist Bella Bragvadze stressed that because of allergies mucous membranes more vulnerable to the virus.

She noted that in the period of flowering trees and allergies than ever it is necessary, in addition to adherence to self-isolation, assigned to anti-allergic therapy.

Bragvadze noted that the use of antihistamines along with anti-allergic drugs has no contraindications. In the case of infection of the coronavirus, said the doctor, specialists will prescribe a course of treatment that will take into account the presence of Allergy in a patient.

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