The expert said that the coronavirus is transmitted not through the parcel from China


the New coronavirus lives in the environment for more than two days and can’t be routed through the parcel from China. This was reported by the leading researcher of the fgbi “national research centre of epidemiology and Microbiology named honorary academician Gamalei” Ministry of health of the Russian Federation Nikolay Malyshev.

“the Virus is stored on the surface a day or two. I don’t know now such delivery (from China – Approx. ed.) that were brought for the watch. So there is no danger, in my opinion, no”, – quotes Agency “Moscow” words Malysheva.

the Expert also noted that vaccine trials usually take a long time. Malyshev said that the vaccine scientists can create a fairly quickly, but in the future it is necessary to conduct the whole research, which will allow it to apply for people.

“most of the time it takes to test. It’s quite a long process. It is possible that the vaccine will be when the process of infection would be closer to the end,” – said Malyshev.

the First cases became known in the end of December 2019. Focus of infection called the city of Wuhan in China’s Hubei province.

the Number of infected people to date is already more than 9 thousand people, the number of deaths has reached 213 people. Yesterday it was reported about 8 152 cases and 171 dead.

Cases of the new virus identified in all regions of China, including the Autonomous zone. The virus has also been identified in Australia, Canada, Vietnam, Germany, Cambodia, Malaysia, Nepal, South Korea, Singapore, USA, Thailand, France, Japan and Sri Lanka.

Scientists said that the virus is spread by airborne droplets. The Ministry of health experts believe that the clinical manifestation of a novel coronavirus, in addition to acute respiratory viral infections and pneumonia, can become sepsis. The experts added that to a new type of coronavirus less receptive young people and children.

the Agency has developed a draft lyingtary recommendations for treatment of the disease. Capital management Rospotrebnadzor published a detailed manual on how to act staff working with Chinese citizens.

the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin ordered to close the country’s border in the far East. The Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation recommends to Russians to refrain from trips to China.

the who declared the outbreak of the novel coronavirus emergency

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