The number of victims of coronavirus in China had risen to 213

Photo: AP Photo/Achmad Ibrahim

From the coronavirus in China has already killed 213 people, according to TASS with reference to the State Committee on issues of hygiene and health of China. The number of cases of pneumonia caused by a new virus, has reached 9692 people.

most cases are in Hubei where more than 5.8 thousand cases and 204 victims. Followed by Zhejiang, Guangdong
and Henan.

In Beijing revealed 121 infected, and to the border with Russia, Heilongjiang province is 44.

the world health organization declared the outbreak of a novel coronavirus in China an emergency situation of international importance.

the First cases became known in the end of December 2019. Focus of infection called the city of Wuhan in China’s Hubei province.

Scientists said that the virus is spread by airborne droplets. The Ministry of health experts believe that the clinical manifestation of a novel coronavirus, in addition to acute respiratory viral infections and pneumonia, can become sepsis. The experts added that to a new type of coronavirus less receptive young people and children.

Created in Russia, the operational headquarters on control and monitoring of the situation with coronavirus will discuss additional measures to combat the disease. The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin ordered to close the country’s border in the far East. The Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation recommends to Russians to refrain from trips to China.

In Russia, about the infected is currently unknown. Chinese authorities believe the peak of the outbreak will start in 7-10 days. Expert SMRC DRF of Ministry of health of Russia Vladimir closets believes that in Russia the disease may come in February.

the who declared the outbreak of the novel coronavirus emergency

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