The expert said that Western countries support military intervention of Turkey in Syria


the President of the Institute of Middle East Yevgeny Satanovsky commented on the military intervention of Turkey in Syria. About it informs news Agency “national news service”.

According to him, Western countries support military intervention by Ankara in Syria. Also Satanovskiy noted that in fact, States are fighting for a long time, but because such collisions between them can be considered the rule in light of the circumstances.

“De-facto war between Turkey and Syria goes from that moment on, Erdogan initiated and started the accession of Turkey along with Qatar and Saudi Arabia, civil war in Syria,” – said the expert.

He added that Turkey is a direct attack on Syrian territory. In Syria, the Turkish military perceived as fighters.

Earlier it was reported that the Turkish army was neutralized with 76 soldiers of the Syrian government troops. Such actions were a response to the shelling by the Syrians in Idlib, in which killed 4 Turkish military.

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