Muscovite told about the relationship of her husband with stepson beaten them

Photo: video screenshot telegram channel Mash

the Mother of baby tortured by stepfather in Moscow, commented on the situation. About it reports TV channel “360”.

the Wife of the detained men said that aggression by a spouse never watched.

“Aggression never happened. I can’t say. In front of me really was not. He could <...> to beat, to scold them or squats here. I say, that he is in front of me did not. Not allowed and not allowed,” said the woman.

Muscovite reported that a similar incident happened a second time, after which she urged her husband not to do it. It is noted that the man gave her such a promise.

Previously, the Network spread a video in which the man forced the crying boy to squat, and after the child fell exhausted, began to beat him in the face.

it is Known that the stepfather of the boy was detained, concerning it criminal case about the deliberate infliction of harm.

Beat the stepson, the man apologized

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