Horses, roosters fighting, and the virgin of the Dew. Nothing extravagant luxuries or ostentation, Antonio R. P. lived without great harshness. This is how this sanluqueño 44-year-old went unnoticed for years. At the antipodes of some dealers of the Campo de Gibraltar, harassed now by the siege, police, life was going well to The Tomato until he, too, has fallen.

Or your BMW for more than ten years, nor his rumored racanería, nor his apparent quiet life and home have prevented that The Tomato ends up arrested with the other 44 members of his band in the Operating Candela-Helsel, starring the National Police, Guardia Civil and the Tax Agency. This drug does not was sparing in precautions to go unnoticed, both in their modest daily life, as in their secret caches across the river Guadalquivir. However, much discretion was hiding a stash of 7.7 tonnes of hashish that your band is guarded, in addition to eight firearms that the agents have managed to intervene.

“he joked that until you have saved the money of the communion of the child,” said a policeman to THE COUNTRY last August. Then, the agents already had in their sights for months. His fall is presumed to be soon accelerated by the scandal which resulted last August 4, a foreña —a boat of usual fishing— had done embarrancada on the beach Under Guide packed with 1,000 kilos of hashish and before the incredulous eyes of the bathers. The occupants were men of The Tomato trying to get rid of agents in a dangerous chase.


“The narcos are almost idols in the Field of Gibraltar ‘ Seem ‘The Child’ but it is an operation in the Strait with more than 3,000 kilos of hashish The city clerk ended up involved in the narco

The band of The Tomato used the Guadalquivir river to transship hashish that the narco sanluqueño bought to your provider always of Morocco. Under the protection of a boat naufragada known as “the boat of rice,” the mafia gave out the loading of drug in powerful ribs, or a small fishing fleet based in Sanlúcar that were owned by brothers-in-law of Antonio, dubbed The Candles. Once with the split-load, the pilots threw the skill and bravado to get rid of the agents and get alijar the drug in the Guadalquivir, a river full of complicated nooks and crannies, creeks, and marshes where the navigation makes it possible to reach up to the province of Seville.

The Tomato was respected in submundos hashish of Sanlúcar as an entrepreneur reliable, giving work, although haggle to the penny their agreements. So it was as he became the narco strong that it never stopped moving drug in the Guadalquivir river, in the shadow of the glitzy dealers of the Campo de Gibraltar, famous for telling their sprees, and even worries love through the social networks. But even that has escaped from the detention, which occurred in mid-September at his home in rural Colony of Monte Algaida, although it has not been released as of Monday by the police in a press release. Both the records of your home address as well as other involved in his business agents have found the 7.7 tonnes of hashish, eight guns, six cars —three were stolen—, six boats and 91.000 euros in cash.

The judge in charge of the investigation has found sufficient evidence to keep him, since then, in prison in the interim. Although there is nothing new to him, this is the third time that the narco is the looks with the Justice. In the game of cat and mouse, Antonio R. P. came to flee to Morocco on a previous occasion to get out of a detention. But ended up pillándolo in 2011, when he returned to Sanlúcar to be present at a private event of dressage. Since then, it had become even more restrained. Now, and its discretion will have gotten rid of become to see in handcuffs.


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