The father of Boris Yeltsin sat in the Gulag

History 04/03/20 the father of Boris Yeltsin sat in the Gulag

Before the collapse of the Soviet Union, Boris Yeltsin said that his ancestors were poor peasants. The family lived in a small house, and the farm was only a cow Yes, horse, which soon died. The President’s grandfather worked as a Builder, and his father was a Builder.

In fact, the President’s parents were fists, had a name not Yeltsin, and Yeltsin and father of Boris Yeltsin stayed in the camp at the 58th political article.

Invented biography helped Yeltsin to make a career party functionary. When the USSR ceased to exist Boris began to confirm their kulak origins and strongly criticized the Bolsheviks for harassment. However, so did most of the Soviet leaders.

According to research by former employee of GSC N. Zenkovich, Boris was descended from an ancient family Elcanah. A distant ancestor of the future President Elazari nicknamed Elec in 1495 fled occupied by the Muscovites of Veliky Novgorod and the Urals, where and a donkey. After the Church reforms of Nikon, his descendants have kept the old faith and became dissenters.

In the Ural village of Butka family still Elcanah arrived in exile after the dispossession. Grandpa Boris fist Ignatius, who according to documents was it Yeltsin, owned two mills and 12 acres of land, of which five were leased. Among the confiscated family property was listed as a thresher for grain, Reaper, a few cows and five horses.

After 1930, the family was dispossessed, a senior Yeltsin sent into exile, which was 15 miles from his home. Ignatius did not accept his fate and went into hiding. It is this period of the life of his ancestor Boris had in mind when he told that he was engaged in masonry ovens. After the collapse of the USSR, Yeltsin argued that the Soviet power did not like bright independent personalities, and struggled toEski sought to suppress them. Including his relatives.

According to the documents before 1920 ancestors of Boris Yeltsin bore the name Yeltsin. According to the most common version, the father of the future President – Nicholas – Civil war fought on the side of the whites, and after the defeat of the counterrevolution tried to hide this fact of his biography.

Interestingly, according to the documents Nikolai Yeltsin was born in 1899, but Nikolai Yeltsin – in 1906, resulting in age to take part in the war could not. In 1993, the Kazan archives of the FSB were discovered in a case instituted on Nikolai Yeltsin. However, because of confusion with the date of birth of the father of Boris Yeltsin to bring it to the end of the KGB and failed.

the Father along with his brother Adrian worked on the construction of the aviation plant in Kazan. In the spring of 1934 the operative of the OGPU of the Tatar Republic Ismagilov asked the local Prosecutor permission to arrest six members, among whom was Nicholas. The sanction was given, and they were arrested on the 58 th article, and was accused of counter-revolutionary activities, namely, in spreading among the workers of decomposing the staff of the rumors. As it turned out later, all the accused came from families of kulaks. After a quick investigation and trial they were given three years of the Gulag.

Father Boris was sent to the construction of the Volga-don canal, and two years later for good behavior was released from camp. In 1937, the family was born another son, returned to the Urals.

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