History 04/03/20 “Honey trap”: how spies become traitors

the Game on human weaknesses – a highly effective technique used by many intelligence services in the world. The most powerful weapon here was “honey trap”, which got many well-known personalities, recklessly giving out the secrets of their countries.

Like flies to honey

Bet on sexy spies for the extraction of important information has a long tradition. For example, the famous “flying squadron” of Catherine de Medici, formed from a wily seductress, ready to dive into bed with any socialite and find out the innermost secrets of the yard.

Set the origin of the term “honey trap” is difficult. Maybe he is associated with the activities of the “priestesses of love”, who worked for East German intelligence. Before you go on the mission they were sprayed himself with spray, infused with herbs, the smell of which caused the men sexual desire.

it Should be noted that sexpionage – the phenomenon is heterogeneous and has its own subspecies. The most common is the deliberate introduction of female/male agent with the sexual preferences of the developed facility. There is also a way of recruiting a mistress of the object or blackmail of an object based on documentary evidence of his sexual contacts.

Strictly according to the rules

Preparation sex agents is an art. It tells one of the former Soviet spies, the Lubyanka, there was a special half-year courses, whose main goal is the advancement of spies. During the course, girls forced naked, listening to lectures, relax in the bath with the agents-men and experienced sexologists taught them special techniques of seduction.

By the end of the course the graduate should know a number of rules of conduct during the development of the object: not to enter into negotiations on the territory that was chosen by others; to collect information on detail, apparently not showing her interwith; not to talk too much, encouraging the interlocutor to be talkative; not to create a mysterious look; everything seen or heard to encrypt.


“Honey trap” has not escaped many prominent politicians, notable among them is the 35th US President John F. Kennedy. Here was a classic case of the introduction of the sex of the agent. He played the role of Helen Romeo is a native of Germany, who moved to the United States via West Germany. In Washington, she became the star of the night club “Quorum”, where periodically there were high-ranking officials. Through them she came to the President. Later, the state Department denied that John Kennedy could give Romeo any information, however, the spy was forcibly expelled from the United States.

Another major victim of sex-spy was the French Ambassador to the Soviet Union Maurice Dejan. On “honey” hook it hoisted actress Larisa Kronberg-Sobolevskaya, before recruited by the KGB. During the next meeting between the diplomat and the actress burst into the room, “jealous husband” and threatened with court. Dejan called his influential friends in Moscow, who offered in exchange for the silence of the cooperation with Soviet intelligence. This story surfaced after fleeing to the West officers of the Soviet KGB, Yuri Korotkov. Dejan, the scandal was dismissed.

Summed Ethnography

In the way of the spy-seductress got our scouts. One of them – Anatoly Filatov. Eyes on him, the American intelligence services put when he worked as a translator in Laos. Then the USA recorded that Filatov promiscuous and it can be used to their advantage.

In 1973, Filatov was sent to Algeria in the rank of major in the GRU. It was there for him decided to pick up prickly with attractive women. At the beginning of the seductress offered to let him down, they got to talking and found a common language. It turned out that Nadia (the name of an agent) was interested in Soviet intelligence materials on Ethnography. The first meeting limited to a Cup of coffee. During the second appointment, the agent put the cognac and turned on the music – the conversation ended by the bed.

a few days after the fateful meeting to the method of Filatov, a young man approached and said that has pictures of his naughty date with Nadia. This man was the first Registrar of the special American mission at the Swiss Embassy in Algiers Edward Kane. Or these photos will be on the Desk of the resident of the military intelligence of the USSR, or Filatov agrees to cooperate with the CIA – that was the statement of the American. Not wanting the opinion from a business trip, Filatov agreed to the recruitment.

the Spy, come forth

recently gained popularity the scandal with the poisoning of ex-GRU officer Sergei Skripal. He is also a victim of the “honey trap” – this was said by the historian of special services, Valery Malevanny. Recruited by British intelligence MI-6 occurred in 1995 during a business trip Skripal in Spain, where he worked as a military attaché of the Russian Embassy. There then occurred the fateful seduction.

After Spain some time Skripal directed management personnel of the GRU. From his MI-6 and received information about dozens of Russian agents abroad. In 1999, the scout resigned, but continued to supply Britain with valuable information. Soon Russian special services found that Skripal communicates with accredited in Moscow by the British diplomats, and in the UK with agents of the intelligence service MI6.

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