Queen Elizabeth is known to be a real animal friend. Especially dogs have done to her: The Queen kept her life a bunch of Royal Corgis on their property, the loved you dearly. But horses also had Elizabeth always been particularly fond of.

With only four years, she got her first horse as a gift, a Shetland Pony, and horse riding. Each year, the Queen also takes part in the “Windsor Horse Show” and acts for their conditions are always very busy, whenever you look at horse racing.

British Royal family, The Queen in deep mourning: is your last Corgi dead DPA, The Queen and her faithful horse

a horse is Now dead, had a special relationship with Queen Elizabeth. “PH Keston” was its Name, a horse of the London police. This confirmed the death last Wednesday on Twitter: “PH Keston has escorted the Queen regularly on various events and upscale occasions”, they wrote. “He was a real crowd pleaser for the people in and around London. Thank you for your commitment, Keston. Rest in peace”.

the love of The Queen to animals, she has also passed on to their offspring: the daughter of The Queen, Princess Anne, was the first woman of the Royal family, the mitritt at the Olympic Games, in 1976 in Montreal. Anne’s daughter, Zara, to follow in the footsteps of her mother and won at the 2012 Olympic Games in London silver.

in October of last year, the last Corgi, the 92-year-old Queen, “Whisper had died”,. The you left behind in deep sorrow. The four-legged creatures belonged in the 1930s to the Royal family.

Now you have to the corners so the next loss. But the Queen – or just you – and-white: We have to survive our animals necessarily.

sources: “People”, “Twitter”



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