In recent weeks the National Police has been chained blows to drug gangs in cooperation with police authorities of other countries. The past 18 October incautaba of 2,500 pounds of hashish from Morocco in France. At the beginning of last month, and as a result of an investigation that began in February, with information the DEA and american of the Delegates against the Organized Crime of the Prosecutor General’s office of Colombia, enslaved 621 kilos of hashish, between Madrid and Marbella. Last Friday was simultaneaban operations and the officers of the Brigade Central Narcotics are made with at 1,180 pounds of hashish in a fishing boat in the port of Algeciras thanks to the collaboration of the moroccan authorities, and, almost at the same time, with 13 kilos of heroin in Madrid, an organization turcoespañola. Finally, last October 17, the police intervened 28 litres of MDMA liquid in the Barajas Airport, when the drug was about to travel to Argentina.


The ‘congress’ of the drug in the Costa del Sol, Police arrest 21 people in the Port of Algeciras for cocaine trafficking The last journey of a child of the drug trade

The strategy of the fight against drug trafficking in Spain will impact more on the collaboration with authorities of other countries, according to recognize police sources. They adapt well to the characteristics of the own organizations of drug traffickers that operate in our country and that are formed by citizens of different origin, according to the role they play in the structure. The cooperation between the police has become so vital as it is effective to dismantle networks of drug trafficking.

So, under the request of collaboration of the French authorities in the framework of international cooperation, were arrested last Friday three people and it involved 2,500 kg of hashish. The members of the organization bought the hashish in Morocco and transported him through Spain, hidden in refrigerated trucks that are bought in our country, with final destination in France.

With the collaboration of the DEA in north america and the Delegates against the Organized Crime of the Prosecutor General’s office of Colombia, the officers of the Brigade Central Narcotics of the National Police desarticularon two organizations devoted to the trafficking of cocaine and aborted the delivery of 621 kilos of narcotic drug in Madrid and Marbella (Málaga). In addition, arrested five persons, of colombian nationality, and brazilian, as the alleged responsible for the custody and transport of the drug once that this was introduced in Spain. The first intervention, nearly 400 kilos of cocaine, occurred in a warehouse of an industrial area of Madrid; the second arrest was made in the parking lot of a business in Madrid, involved 120 kilograms of cocaine; and the last, of 101 kg, which is a commercial centre of Marbella. In the framework of the research is also engaged to 11,000 euros, 10 mobile phones and 6 vehicles.

last Friday, in a joint operation, intervened to 1,180 pounds of hashish in a fishing boat moored in the port of Algeciras. The master, the shipowner and the five crew members of the trawler were also arrested. That same day, were rounded up 13 kilos of heroin in Madrid, from Turkey, and 28 litres of MDMA liquid, in a joint operation with the Airport Security Police in Argentina, dismantled a criminal organization dedicated to the traffic of narcotic substances of synthetic between Spain and South america. The operation had started last July on the airport of Cordoba (Argentina), when a passenger coming from Spain sought to enter the country to 50,000 doses of LSD concealed in a container of dietary supplements. Last October 17, the researched wanted to take a flight from the airport Adolfo Suárez-Madrid Barajas, where they found on the inside of your luggage four glass carafes of seven liters of a narcotic drug.


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