The foreign Ministry has called the conditions for improving relations with Europe

Russia analyzes the proposals of the President of France Emmanuel Makron on the improvement of the dialogue with Moscow, said Russian Deputy foreign Minister Alexander Grushko on the sidelines of the Munich security conference.

He stressed that Moscow is a realistic assessment of the situation, RBC. For systemic changes, we need concrete steps to European cooperation, explained the Ministry spokesman.

Deputy foreign Minister said that improvement of relations is possible only when the change in policy of the European Union and NATO. The first must show great specifics in the approach to Russia, he said. And NATO, the diplomat believes, should stop focusing on the containment of Russia and to try to involve her in the security system during the cold war.

the growing military potential of NATO on the Eastern flank of Europe for protection against Russia, he called meaningless, since the real threats in this region no. All security risks are on the southern periphery, said Grushko. In conclusion, he called on European countries to show more independence in approaches to Russia and not to succumb to the influence of the United States.

Previously, macron said that anti-Russian sanctions did not bring anything good neither Europe nor Russia. He felt it necessary to organise dialogue between States for regulation of frozen conflicts and issues of cybersecurity.

the Munich security conference was opened in the 56th time. This is an international discussion forum for politicians, diplomats, military, businessmen, scientists, and community leaders. It involves more than 800 delegates, including about 150 heads of state, Prime Ministers and members of government.

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