The founder of the legal portal trying to bankrupt

the Arbitration court of Moscow has accepted to manufacture business about bankruptcy of the company “Provodnik”, founder of the judicial-legal portal “”. The next meeting is scheduled for April 22.

As it became known “MK”, was initiated by INSPEKTSIYA FNS №4 in Moscow. The tax authorities have been asked to declare the company bankrupt on the simplified procedure of the absent debtor (the total arrears of taxes amounted to 17 million rubles). At the previous meeting, the lawyers gave the court the accounting documents of the last reporting date for the 2018 and was asked to leave the bankruptcy petition dismissed.

the Judge Larisa Kravchuk ordered the tax authority to clarify for the next meeting, why was not accepted for payment of the debt 3,649 million roubles. A “Provodnik”, in turn, should prove that we were sent on their objections and all calculations. It is known that the main business of the makers of the is associated with information support of the Russian judicial system. How can affect the possible bankruptcy of the company on the work of the courts is hard to say.