The Frenchman went for the cheapest cigarettes in Spain and got lost

Photo: TASS/Dani Salva/Zuma

the French Resident in Perpignan go for cheap cigarettes in Spain, but got lost in the Pyrenees, according to “World 24”.

Despite the fact that France has quarantined a man went for cigarettes in Spain. He was noticed and sent to checkpoints between France and Spain. But the man decided not to give up my plan and went through the mountains via a Hiking trail. During its journey, the Frenchman fell into the Creek and began to call for help.

For men the rescuers used a helicopter of the civil security and other means. He was found “exhausted and trembling from the cold” in the village near the Spanish border. Now the traveler will have to pay a fine for violation of quarantine at 135 euros.

Earlier it was reported that Kamchatka lost a local resident was able to survive, having been twenty degrees of frost for three days. The man went on snowmobile from the village of Ivashka in Carague and disappeared. On his quest rushed rescuers and volunteers. For two days they walked 500 kilometres of the proposed route of snegohodi, however, the missing could not be found.

On the third day they found him. It turned out that the man was lost from-for bad weather. In order not to freeze to death, he burned gasoline and warmed himself at the fire.

Previously missing reindeer managed to find living in Chukotka. His quest lasted for more than two weeks. To survive the man managed due to the fact that he drowned fisherman’s beams, where he has taken refuge.

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