The gold reserves of Russia: that it is possible today to buy it

Another 06/03/20 public domainЗолотой reserves of Russia: that it is possible today to buy it

unlike other countries gold reserves (or reserve) Russia kept solely at home. At the moment – according to the official open data – our country is ranked fifth in the world by size of its gold reserves, ahead of China and Switzerland, but behind the US, Germany, Italy and France. And how big are the reserves of Russian gold? And what will be spent if necessary?

What is the gold reserves of the country

All the gold, which is deposited with the National Bank and the Government of the Russian Federation, is part of the international reserves of the country. For the most part (about 75%) it is kept in the Moscow Central repository, built before the beginning of the great Patriotic war. Also includes more than five hundred regional repositories, which contains the remaining stocks. Mostly bars of various masses (100 g to several tens of kilograms) and gold coins.

How much gold Russia has a

Before the First world war the gold reserve of the Russian Empire was the largest in the world and was more than 1400 tons. But after the revolution and the civil war most of the wealth was stolen and moved to other countries. So in 1928 – according to information from an article by Explorer Mikhail Leontiev “How to change the country’s gold reserves” in the reserve of the USSR was only 150 tons of the precious metal. And the legacy of the Union after its collapse – Russia got only two times more gold. In any case, as stated Grigory Yavlinsky, the former in the early 90-ies of the Deputy Prime Minister of the young state.

According to public information the world gold Council in February 2024 gold reserve of our country is 2276 tons. It is quite a lot, and even more impressive looks if you convert the gold reserves into money. The price per Troy ounce (31.1 grams) today is 1 680 American dollars. Hence the price for 1 kg is $ 54 012, ton – $ 54 012 000. And all the gold reserves of the country in terms of $ 122 billion as it will be in Russian currency, I think you’ll be able to find yourself.

What you can buy

of Course, sell all the domestic gold – at least in dollars, at least for the ruble, at least for another currency no one is going to – to it and reserve. But there are plans for the investment of the gold reserves in the shares of major foreign companies. And here is the size of domestic wealth does not seem so huge. For example, according to the Agency BrandZ, the size of the gold reserve of the Russian Federation with comparable market capitalizations Disney or MasterCard and only twice the cost of Gazprom. For comparison, the cost of Apple five times more than all the gold the wealth of our country. In any case, all official.

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