The mystery of the death of Gogol: become famous writer a victim of the sect

History 06/03/20 the Mystery of the death of Gogol: become famous writer a victim of the sect

the Famous writer Nikolai Gogol was terrified to be taken back home alive. In his work the Testament of “Selected passages from correspondence with friends” he said, “my Body not to bury until then, until obvious signs of decomposition”. Meanwhile it is known that Gogol practically forced myself to die.
How it happened and why the writer decided incomplete in 43 years of his life to end?

Prophetic dreams

memory of a friend of Gogol’s literary classic, pharmacist Boris Yablonski, who in his diaries, mentioned that “Nikolai Vasilyevich have prophetic dreams”. And in these dreams, the writer saw him buried alive and waking, imagined as surrounding, thinking him dead, laid in a coffin and buried deep in the ground. And he, waking up and realizing what happened, starts in a coffin to call for help, beating with his hands on the lid and really die because you run out of oxygen. Pharmacist Yablonsky, after hearing the depressing thoughts of the writer, advised him to take a sedative medication and not think about death. However, in 1931, when there was the reburial of the remains classic with a cemetery piously-Danilov monastery and the Novodevichy tomb of Nikolai Gogol opened, all participants noted the unusual position of his body. Maybe the writer dreams do come true, and on that fateful day for himself he did not die, but only fell into a coma. What happened in fact?

a Painful disease

In 1839, while traveling in Italy, he fell ill with malaria. Obviously, the disease spilled over into malarial encephalitis, which is characterized by seizures and fainting, and drowsiness, severe low pressure, breathing problems and a decrease in body temperature. In the “Selected passages from correspondence with friends” classic mentioned that during his illness he was found minutes life onemenIya, heart and pulse had stopped beating. Servants celebrated writer frequent fainting. One of the later symptoms – severe headaches and inability to intellectual activity. Realizing that he can no longer work and suffering from a terrible pain, Gogol fell into a deep depression. It is known that for a long time he refused food and lay still, wishing for his own death, but immediate and painless. Here only were these suffering caused by infectious diseases, not mental disorders, for example associated with the loss of faith in religious ideals?

Religious fanatic

Preserved evidence of contemporaries, which state that Nikolai Gogol, originally not particularly religious, at some point in their life was constantly talking about the Apocalypse. It turns out that the writer was acquainted with some members of the Christian club-order “the Martyrs of hell”, to practice their own methods of treatment to the powers of heaven. To do this, they tormented himself to death and a prayer to reach the state of hallucination, while “the Martyrs of hell,” did not hesitate, and various “mind-blowing” drinks, so as to communicate “with angels and mother of God.” In one of such revelations, they were told that is coming soon the end of the world to save his soul, to meet his need in the Holy land, in Jerusalem, at the Holy Sepulchre. In secrecy, the writer collected the money for the trip and in February 1848, together with other members of the order were at Jerusalem. Only the Apocalypse has not happened, but the leaders of the “Martyrs of hell” has disappeared, and with all the money. Till our days there are vague assumptions of the writer and other members of the order, thrown into a foreign country to the mercy of fate that at the time of the “end of the world” the whole group drank poison. But the tincture was alcohol, and instant death turned into a long stomach pain, which had suffered deceived “martyrs”, all by hook or by crook getting money for way back.

But this fact only further brought the writer into a state of deep depression. Back in Moscow, he lost interest in life and their own creativity, and soon told everybody that he is going to die. But died only four years later.

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