The head of Bashkortostan spoke about the possible democratisation of the regime of self-isolation

Photo: TASS/Egor Aleev

the Head of Bashkortostan Radiy Khabirov said that the mode of isolation will definitely act in the next two weeks, but it can be democratized, according to RIA Novosti.

He noted that currently it is necessary to carefully examine the situation in the region. Khabirov asked the local government to “brainstorm” to explore the development of a pandemic coronavirus in Bashkortostan.

“an Important moment for us to make the right, smart decision. It is necessary to determine what works, what doesn’t. Mode isolation with an open date this week and next week, the regime in place, perhaps we democratize,” said Habirov.

currently, Bashkortostan has recorded 10 cases of infection with coronavirus. Two patients were discharged from hospitals. Cases deaths as a result of infection COVID-19 was found.

Only in Russia for all the time medical records 3548 recorded episodes of infection, 771 of which falls on the last day. Infections found in 76 regions of the Russian Federation.

the Number of infected COVID-19 in Russia amounted to 3 556

Russian President Vladimir Putin in an address to the Russians said that heads of regions will receive additional powers. They will have to take decisions for the prevention of coronavirus depending on the specific situation in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

“To the end of the week they will have to define a specific set of preventive measures best suited for their territory,” – said the President.

in addition, Putin instructed to provide the regions a special procedure for the movement. Action will not touch the vehicles, which carry inter-regional traffic.

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