judge Manuel Garcia-Castellon has not had doubts. The judge of the Audiencia Nacional has agreed to maintain in the prison commissioner retired Jose Manuel Villarejo, after celebrating the last Thursday the view to study the extension of his provisional detention. An appointment that the police took the opportunity to threaten to reveal more “material” if it continues interned in the prison of Estremera (Madrid), where it is stated, by video conference after claiming health reasons. “The risk of a leak is obvious”, has been argued by the instructor in a self-signed on the 25th of October, where he also points out that the defendant could alter or destroy evidence.

Villarejo remains in jail since November 5, 2017. With the new decision of García-Castellón, this time is extended up to a maximum of two more years. As emphasized by the judge in your writing, the research has revealed already that the commissioner retired designed supposedly a network of companies for dealing with information which it obtained thanks to its condition as agent of the National Police. And created a “structure of enterprise” that “exploited systematically the public resources for their own benefit and their customers.” Which allowed him to allegedly sell, even classified information in exchange for “amounts in the millions”.


Villarejo launches new threats to try to get out of the prison

To expose the “obvious” risk of absconding, the judge recalls the “high economic level” that it has been discovered to the agent withdrawn, with a heritage of more than 16 million euros in Spain and abroad. In addition, he also possessed two identity card with a false identity —”who did not return at the time of his move to retirement,”— and, when he was arrested, it maintained its structure criminal “in operation”. “In repeated conversations recorded by himself alludes to that has over 30 years of performing the activities”, stresses the car, where it adds the risk of reiteration criminal: “He himself claimed to have several copies of the seized material”.

All of the alleged network of corruption led by the commissioner retired, has emerged as one of the public scandals of greater dimension in recent years. The searches add up to 16 separate pieces —which investigates, among other matters, the espionage to the extesorero the PP Luis Barcenas, the dirty war opened by the police patriotic against we Can and the alleged orders of the BBVA to Villarejo—. And the researchers estimated at the end of August that is going to have to open at least twenty new causes after the National Intelligence Center (CNI) managed to decrypt about half of the computer files seized at the exagente of the National Police.

During his two years in prison, Villarejo has not stopped from issuing press releases to defend themselves. Has reiterated that it had the endorsement of the heads of the Ministry of the Interior. Has emphasized the alleged inconsistency of the accusations made against him. He has alleged that his health had deteriorated during his state in prison, and that he was going to die —”Your life is not in danger that alleges,” he has responded García-Castellón, in his last car—. And this October, has asked to recuse the judge for the “loss of due impartiality, objective and subjective”, even though the magistrate has rejected.


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