who happens to go to a party purple. Especially, when it is in front of Lina Wertmüller. Up to three times the Italian director will ugly, the color of the dress the actress Isabella Rossellini, while this was trying to humorously translate the words of Wertmüller to the public of the Oscars, honorary, delivered this Sunday in Los Angeles. Apparently, the purple gives bad luck. If doing it again, will force you to strip, promised the veteran filmmaker to a room full of stars that broke out of laugh with a lady of 91 years, and spoke Italian and could not hold the Oscar.


Lina Wertmüller: “death does not interest me” David Lynch has no explanation (nor the want)

Lina Wertmüller was one of four people honored this Sunday by the Academy of Hollywood Film awards honours that is awarded each year. Along with it, the director David Lynch and actors Geena Davis and Wes Studi. Wertmuller was the first woman in history nominated for an Oscar for the best direction (in 1977, for Pasqualino Seven Beauties). To give you an idea of what this means, the director Jane Campion explained in the scenario the history of women directors in Hollywood. “It is a very short story. First it was Lina, then four nominated more, and then he won Kathryn [Bigelow]”. Already is. In total, 5 nominations for women and 350 for men.

to present the Italian with the aristocracy of Hollywood came out to the stage on Sunday the directors Greta Gerwig and Jane Campion and actresses Isabella Rossellini and Sophia Loren. Of Loren suffice it to say that came out to the stage, aided by Jon Hamm, who did not say a word. His only role at the gala was to make a companion of Loren and stay to one side, smiling. Loren received a standing ovation in the foot before you even open your mouth.

With Isabella Rossellini as a translator, Wertmüller began by saying that Sophia Loren had made “a pact with the devil”. He left the council that “in the world, what is needed is a lot of passion and a lot of patience”. To finish, Wertmüller, asked them to change the name to Oscar and to call her Ana, because already it is patriarchy.

Isabella Rossellini translates to Lina Wertmuller on the stage of the Oscars honors. REUTERS

“This night is very different from the Oscars. There are No nominees and there are no envelopes with the that go wrong,” joked the new president of the Academy, the director David Rubin. The Oscars, honorary, whose official name is the Prize of the Governors, are the party that officially starts the awards season in Hollywood. From here, there are festivals and prizes from the guilds until they reach the big galas. That’s why, is everyone who aspires to something in the season.

There were Quentin Tarantino and Leonardo Di Caprio (once Upon a time in Hollywood), Eddie Murphy (I am Dolemite), the team of Super empollonas, Pedro Almodóvar and Antonio Banderas (Pain and glory), the winner of the Golden Palm, the Korean Bong Joon-ho, and a collection of stars from Scarlett Johansson to Charlize Theron or Jordan Peele.

From left to right, Kyle MacLachlan, Laura Dern and David Lynch. REUTERS

Isabella Rossellini, who became a star thanks to blue Velvet (1986), also made the introduction of the award to David Lynch. “We met at a dinner with friends in New York. The first thing I said was: ‘do you Know? It seems as if you were the daughter of Ingrid Bergman’. To which a friend replied: ‘Idiot, is the daughter of Ingrid Bergman”. The conversation continued with Lynch frustrated because Helen Mirren did not want to do the role that finally gave Rossellini, who also became his partner, the next day.

The other two protagonists in that movie, and two of the faces, favorites of Lynch, Laura Dern and Kyle MacLachlan, took the stage to give him the only Oscar of his career to a “true renaissance man”. Lynch, who has been nominated four times for an Oscar in his career, collected the award with a brevísimas words: “may You have all a good night. Have a face very interesting.”

Geena Davis at the Oscars honors. AFP

Geena Davis received the award of Jean Hersholt, dedicated to people that have paved the way in the industry to diversity. In the case of Davis, has spent two decades devoted to the cause of promoting the parity between men and women in the film industry. His voice has never perhaps been as relevant as two years ago, when you broke out a real cultural change in Hollywood regarding the role of women. It was presented by Tom Hanks, who reminded him that he was the only man in the movie They give the coup (1992). Hanks was the head coach of a team of béisbil women of which Davis was the leader. The first time that Hanks goes to the character of Davis is at minute 54 and says: “Hey! Are you stupid or what?”.

through an institute dedicated to parity, Davis studies to detail the amount of women that appear in the movies, what they do, how they speak. Shared with an audience of stars interesting data, such as that 81% of the characters that are on screen who have a job are men. Davis took advantage of the caricature of the Hollywood (“niñatos progres, LGBT and sensibleros”) for demand that is at the height. “If we are meant to be a feminist intersex gender fluid, by God, let’s get it right,” Davis said to an audience starting laughing. The entire room, in which were some of the biggest directors and producers in the industry, asked them to review since tomorrow morning the projects that they are working to make them more equal.

Wes Studi received an Oscar honor for a career in which he has been the perfect child native american. His face appears in Dancing with wolves, the last of The mohicans, Geronimo, or Heat. It was presented by Christian Bale, with whom he shared screen in Hostile. The party room stood up and cheered to Studi when Bale recalled that, from this Sunday, is the first indian american to receive an Oscar. Studi is Cherokee, but on the screen she has played a dozen of hill tribes such as Pawnee, Cheyenne speaking their native languages. “When we think of native americans in the movies, hers are some of the interpretations more recognizable that we remember,” said Bale.


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