The Kings will spend the last day of his trip of State of Cuba, between the 11 and the 14 of November, to pay tribute to the victims of the disaster of 1898, which marked the end of the Spanish empire. Felipe VI and doña Letizia will be transferred to Santiago de Cuba, where they will visit the Morro Castle, to remember the more than 300 crew dead in the sinking of the fleet of admiral Cervera, was destroyed by the battleships of the united States, and the loma de San Juan, where they perished 600 Spanish soldiers in the last battle on earth.


The Museum of the Prado are travelling for the first time in Cuba The Kings will visit Cuba after the election of the 10-N Pedro Sánchez begins a visit to Cuba without appointments with dissent

it Will be the finishing touch to a historic visit: the first by a king of Spain to the caribbean island. Juan Carlos I was in Havana in 1999, but it was in the framework of the Ibero-american Summit and not a bilateral visit. The trip is made to coincide with the 500th anniversary of the foundation of Havana, although the Kings will return to Spain before the acts are central to the event, on the 16th of November, so as not to coincide with the venezuelan president, Nicolas Maduro, or the nicaraguan Daniel Ortega.

diplomatic Sources insist that the visit does not constitute a gesture of support to the cuban regime, but rather the overcoming of an anomaly: the fact that Cuba was the only Latin american country that I had not visited until now a King of Spain; while they have representatives from France, Italy, or Portugal, the former u.s. president, Barack Obama, and even two Popes.

In this institutional framework, emphasize the same sources, the Kings have not planned any meeting with the dissent, although a private hearing with representatives of civil society are not related, although not opposed, to the regime. The meeting will have the same format as the one held by the president Pedro Sanchez when he visited Havana in November of last year, and attended by artists, intellectuals, bloggers, owners of paladares (restaurants) or “cuenta-propistas” (entrepreneurs), as the actor Jorge Perugorría, the writer Leonardo Padura, prize Princess of Asturias, or the singer-songwriter Carlos Varela.

The Kings will come out of Madrid the day 11, a few hours after we know the results of the general elections, and in Havana to meet with cuban president Miguel Diaz-Canel, will be a walk through the Old City from the hand of the historian Eusebio Leal (the Council of Ministers has imposed this Thursday the Grand Cross of Carlos III), and visit the Museum of Fine Arts, where they will present a autorretraro of Goya ceded temporarily by the Museum of the Prado, between other activities.

The ride of the Kings has long been prepared. She preceded him in death last November, Pedro Sanchez, the first Spanish president who visited the island in 32 years, and this October has been the minister of Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell, who has closed the details of the agenda and finalized the framework agreement of cooperation that will be signed on the occasion of the State visit. The scenario in which it occurs is, however, more delicate than a year ago due to the increasing economic difficulties of the regime, to the weakness of its main ally, venezuela’s Maduro, and the growing pressure from the Administration Trump, who has toughened the embargo.


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