The leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, has decided finally to support the advancement of the electoral chased by Boris Johnson. “I have repeated all this time that we were prepared for elections on condition that to disappear the risk of a Brexit without agreement,” he said Tuesday to the cabinet in the shade, the management team of the party. “Once the EU has granted an extension until January 31, that threat has disappeared. We will launch the campaign most ambitious and the most radical change that this country has ever seen,” he assured.


The jolts of Corbyn The Brexit puts to the test the leadership of Corbyn in the Labour Party, Johnson turns his Brexit in a pulse between the citizens and the Parliament

The Law of the Parliamentary Mandate Fixed 2011 sets that are required in two-thirds of Parliament to approve any advance election. Johnson, however, has designed a strategy to dodge this obligation. Will present this Tuesday, a text of a single line to avoid, on one occasion, the legal mandate and be able to move forward with a simple majority in a breakthrough election. The Government intends to summon to the polls on December 12. The opposition pressed for it to be at least three days before to ward off the call of the christmas time. But above all, the key to support the advance is the fact that Johnson has decided to park for the processing of your agreement Brexit until after the election. In this way, may not be presented with such a political triumph and the opposition, especially the liberal democrats, will be able to fight electorally the exit of the Uk from the EU.

it is Not clear that the labour members to vote in block in favour of the advancement of elections. There are many in the party who still think that going to the polls with a candidate as Corbyn will lead them to disaster. But the leader of the opposition is still able to rally enough votes among their ranks as to succeed by a simple majority of the advancement of electoral pursued by Johnson.


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