Ireland, the border specter of Brexit The british Parliament to force Johnson to request an extension to the Brexit the EU ‘Europe and the legal process on the Brexit’, by Timothy Garton Ash

Not going to make it easy. The Parliament of the United Kingdom does not trust Boris Johnson and this Monday has returned to reject the proposal of the prime minister to hold general elections on 12 December. Under the Act Parliamentary Mandate Fixed, 2011, were necessary two-thirds of the Chamber to which the proposal goes ahead. 299 deputies voted in favour, 70 against. The labour opposition has chosen to abstain.

The proposal of the prime minister was in two parts. In exchange for the advancement of elections, pledged to bring before the Parliament the agreement of the Brexit reached with the EU to allow members adequate time to debate it and vote on it. But on the voting weighed a very relevant figure: if the EU would accept to grant a further extension in the date of departure from United Kingdom. The doubt has been cleared in the early hours of the morning. Brussels granted an extension until January 31. The cards of the game have changed radically. The opposition does not want Johnson to present to the elections with their agreement of the Brexit approved (last week got in first reading by nine votes more than he needed). The debate would have been settled and would descolocados to the majority of matches.

that’s why the liberal democrats and the nationalist scots have in turn countered with an offer that acorralaba the prime minister. Have been willing to give their votes to a proposed law that would annul, for once, the Law of the Parliamentary Mandate Fixed, and that would only need simple majority for approval. The text would call for elections on the 9th of December (these three days are very important, because the university still would not have returned to their homes and would be more likely to vote. The vote of the young is crucial when of Brexit it is). But the offer was linked to a factor that changes the plans of Johnson. Requires the Government to grind to a halt the processing of the agreement of the Brexit, and not resumed until you not talk about the polls. The closest thing to a second referendum de facto, that would allow liberal democrats and nationalist scots fight on campaign for the Brexit.

The Labour Party, lost in this last move, has given signals that it might end up supporting it.


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