The law on emergency situation, the deputies took no questions

the Meeting lasted less than three hours, and in the hall for valid reasons (sickness, isolation, advanced age and other circumstances) is not enough 124’s deputies. On the eve of the Duma Council decided: “anti-epidemic” package of several initiatives, some of which were made on behalf of the government, and a portion on behalf of the deputies or by the amendments to the long-standing state Duma for consideration of bills on other topics, considers without further ADO. The reports were very brief, the questions are asked, attempts to act politely stopped the speaker Vyacheslav Volodin, who referred to the decision of the leadership of all factions. Many amendments to the bills heard in the hall and taken literally “from wheels”.

“MK” wrote that one of the government bills and utochnenie expands the powers of the Cabinet of Ministers. The current law “On protection of population and territories from emergency situations of natural and technogenic character” the list of reasons justifying the imposition of state of emergency, supplemented by another: “the spread of the disease, representing a danger to others”. In the presence of such threats, the government can declare a state of emergency or a less stringent regime of high alert throughout the country or in part thereof and to establish special rules of conduct that all Russians are required to perform.

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violators of these rules will be punished under the new article of the administrative offences Code number 20.6.1 the relevant law was adopted on Tuesday. This article promises to citizens the penalty from 1 to 30 thousand rubles.

If disobeyed official or a private entrepreneur in his pocket emptied by 30-50 thousand rubles, and the budget of the organization – on 100-300 thousand rubles.

If the result of violations established at the Federal level in terms of an epidemic the rules harmed the healthYu or someone else’s property- fines grow several times: for the citizens, for example, they range from 15 to 50 thousand rubles.

But, as the government emergency mode or high alert mode in Russia has not yet been introduced and Federal rules did not set (all could be in the future), and special regimes and related bans, first introduced in Moscow and the Moscow region, and behind them – and many other subjects of the Russian Federation, to use the new article of the administrative code to punish not wishing to comply with regional restrictions on movement and activities would be impossible.

It would be impossible – if a second reading to the law on emergency situations has not made a few amendments. The subjects of the Russian Federation in case of introduction in the region or in the country of high alert or emergency, won the right to establish regional rules – “given the characteristics of emergency” on its territory. These rules must not conflict with national, set by the government.

And Cao at the last moment, introduced two amendments, signed by a Deputy from Moscow Irina Belykh (“ER”). They give power of subjects of the Russian Federation the right until December 31, 2022 himself to compile a list of the officers of the region, which will draw up reports on violation of regional rules in terms of the epidemic.

In General, for Muscovites and residents of other regions isolated themselves to ignore the threat to a decent penalty for violation of the regime or rules of movement would be excessive levity.

the Regions, by the way, has the right to impose its laws and additional punishment. But they must fit into the framework established by the Federal administrative code.

“Yes, legislative regulation at the Federal level in the context of the epidemic lags behind the regulation of megacities”,- declared the head of the Duma Committee on state construction and the legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov (United Russia). Far behind – but catching up.

with regard to violators of the established Federal or regional CPS divisions of quarantine or other sanitary giggenichesky requirements for them are “old”, but became now severer in article 6.3 of the administrative code. Those who have violated the requirements imposed on a two-week quarantine after returning from abroad, or are sick with coronavirus in the form of light and should stay at home, but not sitting, the promised penalty in the 15-40 thousand rubles.

an Important detail: clarifying the law on emergency situations, the government actually brought this regime to the regime of a state of emergency. Namely, admitted that in the territory where we have introduced the mode of increased readiness or emergency, the possible postponement of the elections of different levels or referenda. Previously, this was allowed only in emergency.

If a state of emergency or high alert, for example, entered into two regions or the entire country – the Central election Commission can postpone the Federal and regional elections until the situation is normalized. The powers of the acting governors, mayors, deputies of different levels or the President shall be extended until the vote.

Now it seems, it is about the cancellation of municipal elections in a number of subjects (they had to go in the spring). But if the spread of the virus will not be able to stop until the end of may, it is impossible to exclude and to transfer a single voting day, which in 2022 is scheduled for September 13.

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