The lawyer of the former wife of Denis Glushakov does not preclude new claims address

Photo: RIA Novosti/Alexey Filippov

the Lawyer Darya Glushkova Sergei Zhorin said he expects new claims in its address from the ex-husband, the halfback of football club “Ahmad” Denis Glushakova. He told Moscow 24.

“I take into account the dynamics of what he does: starting with the fact that he was going to pick up the kids and demanded the court to Daria he paid child support, and ending the claim on 204 million roubles. I think he will definitely come up with something ridiculous. But again, we are ready,” – said the Zhorin.

He also noted that it does not exclude the possibility of filing a retaliatory lawsuit against the player. As the main prerequisites for this lawyer called the ban Glushakova for children’s going abroad.

There are difficulties with the fact that he closed for children traveling abroad and is in no hurry to open it. This may be the reason for filing a lawsuit. But the decision is taken by Daria, and to date this decision has not yet been taken. But it can be.
Sergei Lindwood Daria Glushkova

Sam Denis Glushakov on the subject of the claim communicate.

Previously, the Nikulinskiy district court of Moscow refused to Glushakov at the suit of his ex-wife Daria. The player demanded more than 200 million in losses from the divorce process, spreading rumors and as a compensation for moral damage.

Player Glushakov will pay ex-wife $ 42 million rubles.

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